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  1. It's done, thank you very much for the explanations. The car is now totally different... I'm really impressed! It is more comparable to my Exiges S240 with the Track option.
  2. Hello, I have searched without finding and sorry if I am not on the right thread... I will be doing my first track day on the Mont-Tremblant circuit in Canada next weekend. My suspension is the same as the GT430's and is adjusted to the road specifications. Do you have any recommendations for rebound and compression adjustments for the track? Thank you!
  3. Thank you ramjet, I'll do it! (Yes it's red, Formula Red) The indoors photos doesn't show it right... 🙂 BTW I'm French Canadian..
  4. Hello group! I'm not an active member but I sometimes come to see your beautiful cars. I own an Evora GT 2021. Since it was impossible for me to have a GT430 in Canada I bought a GT on which I made several modifications like the bumper and the spoiler from Hethelsport. I also have the brakes and suspension of the GT430. I have a question, is the alignment specifications the same with the GT430 suspension? If so, is someone can share the correct alignment specs with me? Please email me: [email protected] Thank you so much! Here is my baby..
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