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  1. Hi Tony, Yes, I will be doing it myself. I think first I will just check everything apply some lube and put the pads on, test and see where I stand. Probably after that I will focus on a per wheel basis if it continues. Schwäbisch Hall is a very classic Southern German town, and the country roads around here are quite amazing, now that I have an Elise I certainly get to enjoy them even more.
  2. Hi Tony, Thanks for the quick reply. It is really helpful, because you just saved me a whole bunch of frustration, as now I know it is mitigatable but not really 100% solvable. Which is fine now that I know the expectation that I should have. I also check out your garage, I never saw a S1 in white, it looks really nice. Thanks again and I'll update this post for the rest of the forum, when I get around to working on the brakes with my results. Cheers, - Steve
  3. That sounds like a good idea, I haven't pulled it apart either to check what might be worn but it might be the best bet to do the same.
  4. Hi, I just purchased my first Lotus Elise and looking for some recommendations to reduce brake squeal. I know the MMC brakes are not the quietest and the groaning noise they make is normal, but I am getting a squealing which sounds pretty much the same when you would not grease brake pad to caliper contact points or did not have a shim between the pad and the caliper. The pads are within the thickness specification and the rotor looks to be in good condition, no pitting or gouges. Pictures attached. I have exactly this noise, but in the car it sounds much louder than it does in the video. If you goto 15:58 in the video you will be able to hear it. I see there are multiple products and was wondering if anyone as experience using one or the other, or both, or simply have other recommendations as there is nothing recommended in the service manual. Thanks in advance for any advice. - Steve
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