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  1. I considered it and took one for a test drive, it drove well and felt fast but not super engaging, but it was the first car I went to look at after the Alpine fell through. So it felt very heavy in comparison (as most cars would). I think it was mostly the dealer experience that put me off.
  2. I’m into my JDM cars quite a lot. I’ve got an NA Eunos Roadster (MK1 MX5), an FD RX7. I wanted something mid engined so looked at an NA1 NSX but the prices were just getting ridiculous, and I decided I didn’t want another car that was older than me and I could actually use day to day. So I moved onto a GTR (not mid engined but jdm), but felt they were far too heavy and servicing would have been a nightmare. Someone suggested an Alpine A110, so I went to go look and loved it. But a mix up at the dealer meant the one I wanted sold. I then went to look at Lotus and have been looking for an Evora until the Emira was launched. I’m still not completely sold on the Emira, I want the V6 but I’m not sure the first edition price will be worth the premium over an Evora 400. I also looked at a 981 GTS which while great just felt a little soulless and seeing 3/4 of them on the way to the test drive just made it feel a little less “exclusive” (very snobby I know). So effectively if the Emira never launched I would be buying an Evora anyway!
  3. 28 June 21 - DaveC72 - i4 8 July 21 - MJON - i4 8 July 21 - Wake - i4 (V6 cost dependant) 12 July 21 - emstan - V6
  4. I’m just going off what the advert says, but it could quite easily be wrong!
  5. Yeah that’s the dilemma, I have a deposit for an Emira. But it’s going to be at least 12 months until they are ready. First world problems I guess…
  6. It looks like that one has a titanium exhaust. The 4xx cars already sound pretty great out of the box, does the titanium exhaust make that much difference?
  7. Lovely looking 400 here - I never saw the 400 configurator, was there even £17k worth of options that could be ticked?
  8. Not sure if this has been posted before. Something that might sway what engine people go for: ”However, only the ‘First Edition’ range-topping cars will come with the old V6, with a new four-cylinder turbocharged engine joining the line-up and eventually replacing the V6 once those cars are sold.” It’s the first I have heard of it. But it might be fairly believable, clear out remaining V6 stock and parts. Then they can produce more performance orientated variants as the AMG unit can take more abuse?
  9. Thanks for the insight, Mercedes has never really appealed to me so I would have never known! I guess I was kinda expecting it to be Alpine A110 like! Maybe it’s not gonna be the option for the daily driver then haha. The 31 year old MX5 might have to take on those duties again!
  10. I4 for me as it’s likely going to be my daily driver. The manual V6 doesn’t make much sense to me, id rather save the money and get an Evora 400 + something to daily if I wanted an auto for the same price. The I4 Emira just means I don’t potentially have to run 4 cars.
  11. I don’t know, I don’t really watch his content that much. Will go check it out though
  12. I suspect you will probably know more than me! I was just told at Goodwood that they hadn’t got an I4 fitted yet. That could have just been for that car specifically though. It’s going to be interesting to see the future development of Emira. I imagine the I4 will remain largely the same power wise and it will be the V6 getting the S versions and what not.
  13. I can’t see how the I4 can come first when Lotus don’t even have an Emira with the I4 fitted yet. Which is why the blue car barely moved anywhere.
  14. Im surprised so few people are going for Hethel Yellow, and so many are going for the Dark Verdant. Ive never been a fan of dark sports cars, always thought they should be bright and over the top.
  15. Having looked at the configurator I suspect I will be doing something like: Hethel Yellow (although the Blue looks fantastic in the flesh) Black Pack, lightweight V spoke black wheels, unsure on the interior would have to see them in the flesh but Ice Grey looks pretty decent, most likely with the 4cyl engine. I hope they release some more colours, would love to have a really bright obnoxious green!
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