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  1. I guess it depends, I’ve always wanted a McLaren but I am far too tight and wouldn’t be able to stomach the running costs for long so would probably budget to have one for a year or two and then get back into something more reasonable to run like an Evora/Exige.
  2. A tyre like that isn’t necessarily a write off is it? I’ve got one of those on my Type R and I’ve taken it to a few tyre garages and they said as long as you can’t see the chords you are fine. I still woulda thought the garage would replace it given the low cost to them.
  3. To be honest, when I put down a deposit on the Emira (which feels like so long ago!) it was going to be my daily driver so wanted some creature comforts. I ended up buying an FK8 Type R when the delays started, which I think I’m going to keep now so don’t really need something as useable as the Emira anymore. It just needs to be able to handle longer trips, NC500, Le Mans, Alps etc. which from comments here the Exige seems to be more than capable of doing.
  4. I think that’s what I will end up doing potentially putting it on hold until a later variant Emira, which given Lotus track record of special editions or variants with more power I'm sure will be announced before they finish delivering the “First” Editions.
  5. I think they are awesome. Toyota has been hitting it out of the park bringing actually affordable (if you can get hold of one for list) sporty cars to the market. The MX5 has sat in the segment alone for a while. If you wanted a brand new sports car for less than £35k they don’t really exist anymore. Most of them are north of 50k when you add any options to them. It’s not really affordable for the masses.
  6. @GoldenGun Looks like a lovely car, I’ve just been to Silverstone to see the Blue 380 I definitely prefer the Exige in a louder colour I think. Thanks for the message though as I do like the idea of a car like this that has been looked after and loved by forum members. I’ve contacted Lotus to get some clarity on my Emira delivery but I’m more leaning towards the Exige now. At least there is some certainty there.
  7. I know it’s superficial, but I am very partial to the open gear mechanism in the later V6s!
  8. Just seems to be a lack of 350s on the market at the moment. Besides the red one and B&C which doesn’t seem great value next to the blue 380 at Silverstone. Good to hear that you felt the long trips weren’t a drama!
  9. Hi guys, I’ve been looking into an Exige as I have a deposit on an Emira which Lotus seem incapable of delivering. I’m tempted by this one at Silverstone - wondering if it’s a known car on here. Also not sure if a 410 is worth the increase in asking price? I know it’s not a GT car, but I’ve seen a few videos and reviews of guys saying it’s not “that bad” on a long trip. Have any of you had experience of taking these on longer Euro trips?
  10. It’s made me less comfortable. I would never be intending on flipping. But if I could get out of the car at the 6/9/12 month point at relatively no cost after “scratching” that itch then I’m all for it. It’s a tad concerning that the first one to market with a waitlist stretching into 2024 only went around 8k over list price.
  11. I think that one was actually a manual, because I tried to track the owner down to make an offer. It was another event after this one.
  12. I think the owner of this car was at Caffeine and Machine about a year ago and said that it was the only Orange and Blue edition 400 in the UK that was an IPS. It was on at 57k and then about a month or so got reduced to 54k on the Silverstone w website. I was watching it because it was tempting me away from my Emira deposit. It probably woulda done if it was a manual.
  13. Yeah I think it was the same one. Up for 54000 at Silverstone
  14. It will be interesting if those numbers are true. Assuming they are planned delivery numbers and not the amount of cars they will build in that month, I think it’s looking more likely that I won’t get my car in November. Deposit placed on the 8th July. The SVR F-type I have saved on autotrader is quickly becoming a more attractive proposition (and 30k less).
  15. Well this is fantastic… I don’t mind delays so much I just wish Lotus communicated anything at all. I’ve only had updates when i asked for them and even then its vague bullshit. Thanks for the info Tom!
  16. I am very jealous. It looks fantastic!
  17. I’ve normally bought my covers from Classic Additions, the “super soft stretch indoor” ones specially. Does anyone know how these ones compare to those? They seem similar but Emira one is over double the price.
  18. The total price for my Emira will be closer to £82k though after on the road costs etc. but I do agree, I’ve waited this long may aswell wait a little longer.
  19. Just saw this one at Hofmann’s. The GT410 Sports seem to be softening a little bit didn’t feel like long ago they were £75k minimum. search At this price point I’m tempted to ditch my Emira deposit.
  20. Damn. Every time I see a Magma I wonder if I made the right choice going Hethel Yellow.
  21. I dont actually disagree with him though. Short term they might well trade above list for those that refuse to wait. But I think they will depreciate fairly hard after a year or so and long term I don’t seem them ageing as well as the Evora for example which has a more minimalist, analogue interior. All the tacked on screens will age badly. Look at a Merc interior from 5 years ago, the screens look awful.
  22. That sounds like an epic trip, did you start it in the UK? Do you have more details? How long did it take, where did you stop and for how long?
  23. Thanks for all the advise guys, I will definitely be sure to watch my speed and ensure I have all my travel documents and equipment! Do you know if Google maps timings are fairly accurate? I’ve just come back from a week in the Highlands doing the NC500 and the small roads hampered progress (not that I was bothered as it gave more time to take in the views) but just for planning purposes. I’m fairly happy driving 6/7 hours a day without an issue. Never really had to drive for longer though. I’m still deciding if I should press on to the alps or look to do more of the balcony roads in the south of France.
  24. Hi guys, I’m going to Classic Le Mans next year, and looking to tag on a week or so at the end for a road trip around France. Fingers crossed I’ll have my Emira by then…. Planning on heading down to do Red Rock road, Route Napoleon, and Clue de Greolieres. Then thinking about heading up into the Alps to do Grimsel Pass. Not driven into France before, so if anyone has done something similar or has advice about the area, must dos, avoid etc. it would be much appreciated!
  25. xx February 21 - Cathalm - June 22 delivery 11 March 21 - 6970K - 27 April 21: Lotus company update and Emira name announced 27 April 21 - TomE - UK - V6 manual - was June 22 delivery; as at 10 Aug now Oct build/Nov delivery 28 April 21 - JamesDG - UK - V6 manual - July 22 delivery 30 April 21 - Pugwash - UK - V6 manual - June 22 delivery 4 May 21 - Philsport300 - UK - V6 manual 7 May 21 - Mark030358 - Undecided 15 May 21 - JCR - UK I4 19 May 21 - Gashead1105 - Undecided 20 May 21 - Evotion - V6 Manual - Now Oct build/Nov Delivery 22 May 21 - KennyN - V6 Manual - Now Oct build/Nov Delivery 2 June 21 - simonb - i4 4 June 21 - DJW - V6 FE Auto ordered - 2nd deposit paid 5 June 21 - Worldwidewebs - 9 June 21 - Lavazza - undecided 7 June 21 - MarkWilliams1 - Undecided 23 June 21 - KJD - V6 manual - June 22 delivery 28 June 21 - DaveC72 - i4 - 2nd Deposit and Config link 14 April 22 29 June 21 - greg/valetpro - Not decided which engine yet. 6 July 21: Emira reveal at Hethel 6 July 21 - Duncs - V6, but cost dependent. 6 July 21, 22:00 - EmiraSi - June 22 delivery 6 July 21, 08:00 - Claymore - 6 July 21, 23:09 - Abgreenbank - 7 July 21 - Lockey - i4 7 July 21 - freefall_junkie - V6 manual UK 7 July 21 - glen8 - i4 7 July 21 - Al_C - I4 7 July 21 - Neilread - I4 - June 22 delivery 7 July 21 - Philnotts - V6 Manual 7 or 8 July 21 - JJ - Cost dependant 7 July 21 - marclurr - UK - V6 Manual 7 July 21 - LotusAmateur - UK - undecided 7 July 21, 15:45 -Emiralust - UK - V6 Manual - June 22 delivery 7 July 21, 15:53 - sixspeed - UK - FE V6 Manual 8 July 21: Goodwood Festival of Speed Day 1 (Thursday) 8 July 21, 09:39 - mctaff - UK - V6 manual 8 July 21, 16:34 - JimH - i4FE - 2nd Deposit and Config link 12 April 22 - Was Jan 23 build, Feb 23 delivery, now just "2023" (list entry updated 11/8/2022) 8 July 21 - MJON - i4 8 July 21 - Wake - V6 FE Manual - 2nd deposit paid. October production - November Delivery. 8 July 21 - Johnhoward - V6 Auto 8 July 21 - EmiraJam - 8 July 21 - Andy66 - 2nd Deposit 29 September 21 9 July 21: Goodwood Festival of Speed Day 2 (Friday) 9 July 21 - Beady - I4 (probably) 9 July 21, 08:00 - Beancounter - probably i4, but maybe v6 manual 9 July 21 - Speedluvver - i4 (most likely) 9 July 21 - E1M2I3R4A - V6 manual 9 July 21 - Badger77 - V6 Manual 10 July 21: Goodwood Festival of Speed Day 3 (Saturday) 10 July 21 - Washy - undecided 10 July 21 - Al - completely undecided. 11 July 21: Goodwood Festival of Speed Day 4 (Sunday) 11 July 21 - Eagle7 - V6 Manual 12 July 21: post Goodwood Festival of Speed 12 July 21 - emstan - V6 12 July 21 - Denno - i4 (most likely) 13 July 21 - tailslides - V6 manual 15 July 21 - nohl2678 - V6 (I hope!) 16 July 21 - Frickin Idiot AMG / V6 19 July 21 - slotdawg - V6 Manual 27 July 21 - Scrute - V6 Manual 4 August 21 - Gizmo750 - V6 Manual 21 September 21 - alfapork - V6 Manual 29 October 21 - 390ja - i4 22 December 21 - landsteam - V6 Manual
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