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    Lotus Emira

    What’s wrong with the badge? Or am I just being thick?
  2. I test drove an Alpine and absolutely loved it. I would have one now, but there was a mix up at the dealership and the one I was supposed to buy had been sold to a walk-in that morning. I then swung by Lotus Silverstone and loved the noise from the Evora 400, I then decided to wait for the Emira. Although in retrospect I wish I would have bought the Alpine and then sold it when the Emira arrived.
  3. I sympathise with a lot of the complaints on comms. It could have been a lot better, and a lot more questions could be answered. It’s not such a huge issue for me as my fun cars in the past have been bought sight unseen from Japanese Auctions and then had them shipped over. I also feel like the Emira is fairly low risk, given it’s looks and the hype, if you get one in the first 6-12 months of production then I am confident you could get back out of it again at close to nil cost. Similar to the GR Yaris and the Alpine A110, if you decided that it wasn’t for you. But to be more on topic, I hope to be able to pick it up at Hethel. It would be my first Lotus, and my first (and probably only) brand new car that I buy, so I think doing that would make it a little more special. Although I would be looking to get PPF done ASAP (if it can’t be done at the factory)
  4. Im not really bothered about Top Gears reviews, other than I want them to be good so the car does well. The more impactful reviews (for me) are those who have put their money down to buy one. Which is why I’m quite looking forward to a Harry’s garage video of it. But also I just want more Emira content until mine arrives!
  5. Thank you. I just looked on my laptop and found it!
  6. So I received the same. But it also said I would be able to see payment / finance options and lotus agents for delivery. I’ve not decided on cash vs finance, is there supposed to be a link to a finance section?
  7. I had my email today! July delivery with changes available until 04 Feb.
  8. They must still be working through 8 July! I haven’t had a call yet. I placed very late on the 8th though (22:29 according to my email confirmation).
  9. That’s what I felt. When I was looking for an Evora I quite liked the black interior. I felt it worked because the Evora cabin is more simple. Whereas the Emira is more cockpit like with screens and potentially a little more claustrophobic. I worried that the black might make it feel even smaller inside. I spec’d the ice grey leather but I’m still not convinced it’s the right choice
  10. That’s actually very kind. I will give them a call when I get a delivery date from Lotus! Thank you
  11. It’s more because PPF is done in section and I dislike the gaps and the fact that it lifts up / yellows. Maybe I will change my mind closer to the time!
  12. That makes sense. I placed my deposit when I got back from Goodwood on the 8th so hopefully should get a call soonish.
  13. Just wondering if anyone who placed their deposits at Goodwood have had a 3rd call / email with and est. delivery?
  14. Will probably be taking mine to Auto Wax Works at Bicester Heritage, for either PPF or PPS. I've budgeted around £5k for it.
  15. I’ve never done a track day before, but I imagine I would take one of my other, less powerful cars that are more aligned with my abilities! 😂
  16. This is effectively the issue I share. I don’t care about test driving, I’ve imported my last 2 cars from Japan sight unseen. I’m not bothered about that. I don’t want to be in a non comital stage all I want is clear, concise information that has no ambiguity. One of the things that has actually annoyed me recently was the yellow Emira showing up in Shanghai. Presumably it had to have been made at Hethel (given that I think sports car production will remain in the UK) but it was all kept quiet and shipped out without even a photoshoot being published. When Lotus know there are issues with people wanting to see the colour types in a better, realistic way. I might be coming across as super whingey, I am really excited about the car, I just want the information that it is being withheld so I can be even more excited!
  17. I understand and agree with the sentiment that the cars will be epic, I would, however counter with this is probably the only time in my life I will be able to afford to buy a car like this brand new. If I’m spending £85k(ish) on a car then I kinda want to be able to make informed decisions. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have detailed, defined specs on what is being offered before being asked to commit.
  18. I love it! You are making me want one again! I love the yellow colour edition ones
  19. That's fantastic! The more of the magma red I see the more I like it. Still think yellow is my first choice though!
  20. I haven't had a date. I emailed the customer care team a couple of weeks ago and got this in response: "The only information HQ have provided us is that for v6 FE we will start deliveries in Spring of 2022 whereas for the i4 FE it will be in Autumn of 2022. We will be able to advise on a more accurate ETA for yourself once you are allocated a build slot which is after commitment to the order and spec, this will most likely take place in the new year." I placed my deposit on 8th July at the end of the day after returning home from Goodwood. I suspect there will be quite a lot of deposits placed then. I'm not really expecting on having the car until August/September time. Which is why I am looking for an interim car now.
  21. I'm quite looking forward to Harry getting behind the wheel of one, as he tends to give the high and the lows to draw a balanced opinion. Wheras some of the others (perhaps with the exception of Carwow & Carfection) tend to get a bit too excited and caught up in the moment to either only love the car, or shit on it. Also more interested in what Harry has to say because he has actually put his money down on one.
  22. Has Lotus made any public statement of when deliveries will be made?
  23. Was the torque in the V6 that high? I had 420nm in mind. I can’t remember though
  24. I’d love to do something like this, unfortunately I can’t commit this far in advance. Also not sure where I am in the deposit line. I’ve gone for the V6 FE but my deposit was placed on the evening of the 8th (after getting home from Goodwood)
  25. I couldn’t go the Silverstone event but my old man went in my place. One of the things I asked him to enquire about was the suspension options and which setup was more like the Evora 400 (a car I had set my sights on before the Emira was announced). He was told (by I think Gavin) that the touring is very close/similar to the Evora 400 setup and the sports suspension is closer to the 410 setup. I don’t know if this helps anyone in their decision making (it did for me, until I saw Harry’s video!)
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