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  1. Im curious to see what it looks like, but I don’t think I would want to part with the extra money that I assume the 6cyl version will cost, and the 4cyl will have to be really good to warrant passing up on the value that a 2 year old Alpine has. Im also thinking there could be a slight influx of Evoras on the market being traded in against the Emira.
  2. I doubt you will be able to get the 6cyl Emira for £65k at launch. I’m in a similar position and debating on waiting, but I’m not sure if I want wait what will probably be 12+ months until the cars are delivered
  3. Ah man. It’s gorgeous! Someone who knows the owner reached out but said the current owner keeps cars for the long term. Can’t say I blame him, when the car looks as good as that! I’d still buy it in a heartbeat though!
  4. I guess it depends what you want. But I could quite easily see a 410 in a great colour (like red) being worth that much. Oakmere had a 2019 green GT410 sport with the same miles for £64k only a few months ago! It’s crazy the way the market has gone.
  5. Looks great in green. It’s a lot of money though!
  6. There’s a SR on PHs for £38k which has sold and Will Blackham has a really gorgeous looking red SR for £41k which has been there for a little while. I think that white 400 is perhaps a bit optimistic at £53k for a private sale, given that Silverstone have had very similar age/mileage 400s on for £52k in recent times. But you never know, with seemingly so few of them about at the moment someone may be willing to pay a premium if it’s in their ideal spec.
  7. Thanks for the link! It’s a beautiful design and looks gorgeous in the flesh. I wonder how many of the 10 were spec’d in manual 🤔
  8. That’s interesting. It could be the same car, because that reg doesn’t bring up anything on the MoT history!
  9. I’m almost positive this one was a manual, although there were a lot of Evoras there today.
  10. Not sure if this is allowed or not. I was at caffeine and machine this morning to look at the Evija and saw this Evora 400. It wasn’t obvious who the owner was, but was hoping they might be on here or known by someone here. Just wanted to see if they were interested in selling in the foreseeable future, and if so drop me a message!
  11. Congratulations! It looks incredible!
  12. Wake

    Wanted - Evora 400

    I can’t edit my post, I’ve looked at a red leather interior in the flesh and apparently it is a dealbreaker for me unfortunately! I will be out of the country for the next couple of months but I will still be on the lookout for a 400
  13. Thanks for linking my post, I spoke to @Gashead1105and went across to look at the car yesterday. Genuinely is a great car, and I really wanted to love it, but I seem to be the only person who can’t get along with the red interior (I should edit my post though as the red is more of a deal breaker than I thought).
  14. If it doesn’t have to be modern/used as a daily you could look at some JDM classics? R33 GTR, Supra, RX7, you could also get a higher mileage NA1 NSX like this? They are all holding/appreciating in value over the last few years. I started out looking for an NSX and then wanted something a little more modern and usable so shifted to the Evora.
  15. Wake

    Wanted - Evora 400

    Hi guys, Been keeping an eye out for a few months now but not found what I am looking for, so if anyone is looking to sell an Evora with roughly the below spec please let me know! 400, manual, bright colour (not black/grey), I’m not such a fan of the red interior but it’s not a dealbreaker! I’ve got a budget of £50-55k. Many thanks!
  16. Damn that’s a really nice looking car. I saw a Yellow 410 Sport at Silverstone that was already sold when I went last week, otherwise I would have had it. Really looks good in yellow!
  17. Yeah I went down there this morning, it had already sold but I wanted to see the black in the flesh. Pretty much everything has sold including the GT430.
  18. That is a great story, and your Evora looks incredible! Love the RX8! I have an RX7 in Innocent Blue which will be stablemates with my future Evora!
  19. Yeah that’s the one. It looks lovely in that blue. I wish I could find one in blue/red/yellow!
  20. I’m just not a fan of red leather to be honest, the Evora isn’t quite as bad as Porsche where every single thing possible is leather like this monstrosity- but it’s still a bit much for me. I do like the exterior to be a bit more ostentatious, which is why I’m finding it difficult to find an Evora at the moment with a lot of the 400s being a bit more subdued.
  21. I’m not a huge fan of the red interior, but I’m hopefully going to look at a black Hethel edition this week!
  22. Feels quite hard to find a 400 that’s not in a dark colour. Seems like there are a fair amount of brighter coloured S’s and GT410s about but all the 400s seems to be either black, grey or silver!
  23. The sticker job (depending on how it looks in the flesh) and the the LOTUS lettering doesn’t bother me *that* much. However the seats would bother me a lot in that state. Does anyone know how easy it would be to fix the seats? I’ve been looking for a 400 for a while now and they are the worst I have seen.
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