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  1. Ah man that sucks. I must have missed that, I just thought it was coming later.
  2. Has production stopped? I thought they were going to do a final edition for the Evora?
  3. Car magazine posted this - It says that the type 131 will use the same Toyota V6 found in the Exige / Evora.
  4. Congrats I bet it will look fantastic in yellow. I had a quick play on the configurator and quickly got to 61k!
  5. I test drove a few cars with the A110 being one of them. In fact there was an A110 I was going to buy but somewhere along the line there was some miscommunication and the dealer sold the one I intending to buy. So instead of going to Alpine to buy the car, my old man suggested we go look at an Evora. I quickly realised that the Evora had everything I felt the Alpine was lacking (6 Cylinders, the noise, manual). Although I do disagree with the fugly comment! I think it’s got charm and character and it certainly works very well in person. I do think a large "problem" is as you say, the car is relatively unknown and so isn't in contention I’m just waiting for the right time to buy now. Feels like I’ve been waiting for a long ass time though!
  6. I quite liked the look of that one when I saw it last night. But I also quite like the green GT410 Sport that Oakmere have.
  7. I’m in two minds about it, I’ve been looking for an Evora for a little while now. It’s seemed pointless to buy with all the lockdowns so I haven’t yet although granted I’ve not found the right one either, I have got my eye on a GT410 Sport but can’t go look at it. Makes me wonder if I should just hold out until the type 131, or buy an Evora and then look at trade in options when the new car launches.
  8. It would be interesting to see how these come in price wise. I’ve got around 60k but that probably wouldn’t get very much new in 2021/2 if I chose to wait
  9. Looks like that Evora from CC is up on AutoTrader now. 3ZN&model=EVORA&make=LOTUS&search-target=usedcars&sort=datedesc&saved-search-id=8a42c7fa7579b53d0175c6b57b6142f7&logcode=pp&modal=photos
  10. It was bought by a dealer I believe. I was tempted to bid, but I’m not a fan of the red interior
  11. Yeah I am in the market for an Evora at the moment, but I’m wanting it for more of a daily driver and GT so I quite want the arm rest and sound deadening. But that one at that price is quite tempting! Unfortunately I’m stuck outside the country for the foreseeable future so the search has been put on hold for a while!
  12. Wow that looks quite appealing. I get confused with the naming though, is the GT410 Sport the “hardcore” Evora with less sound deadening and no arm rest?
  13. @Gashead1105 yeah I have driven a few cars in the last couple of months while searching for the next one, tried a 981 GTS, Alpine A110, the new Supra. The Alpine was by far my favourite until I drove a 400 which just ticked every box the Alpine did but also had the noise as well! I haven’t tried the GT4 yet, hoping to at some point in January!
  14. I would be interested to know how it goes if you get the GT4. I’m looking at either a 400 or a GT4 (toying with the idea of a new GTS as well) but I can’t decide between them! GLWTS
  15. That was the first Evora I went to look at I think. It’s the nicest one I have seen so far, but I’m very boring when it comes to interiors and all that red is too much for me! Good luck with the sale!
  16. Is that the 2017 or the 2015? I went to Silverstone a week or so ago to look at what they had.
  17. Thanks for all the comments guys. I think I will give this one a miss, I’m maybe being over cautious but I’ve never spent this kind of money on a car before, so it needs to be one I’m comfortable with.
  18. I will be honest, this is what I’m concerned about. Judging from the overall condition of the car I feel it’s unlikely it’s been tracked or ragged everywhere. That makes me think it could be something else that they have fixed the symptom and not the cause. I don’t know how common that is with Evoras.
  19. I asked if it had been done out of convenience or if it actually needed to be don? The guy said it was because the clutch needed to be replaced. I know cars like this tend to need a clutch before a normal commuter car, but 15k seems a little odd to me.
  20. Would you not have thought one needing one that soon is not necessarily a good sign?
  21. So I went to go look at this one today. Looked good and had a decent drive in it. Although the guy did mention they had to replace the clutch recently. Which as the car has only done 15k miles seems a bit of a red flag to me? Or am I overreacting?
  22. Sorry guys, I did post the same one twice! I have fixed it now! Edit - for ease here is the second car
  23. Hi guys, I’m new here and looking to (hopefully) get into my first Lotus! I’ve decided on an Evora 400, I test drove one at the weekend and it was just incredible! I would like an Exige but I need something a little more liveable day to day. I have spotted these 2 cars that interest me: Does anyone know of these cars? Or have any advice in general? Any advice on a good Lotus dealer to go through? Thanks, Alex
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