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  1. Cheers for the reply! I cant believe i didn't see your comment come through, thought this thread was done haha. I have the engine out and took the manifold off as well (as part of the restoration) and sort of figured it out from there. Such a crazy system! I've seen all the other paraphernalia stuffed behind the left panel, again was scratching my head for weeks trying to figure out what that was.
  2. I see, thanks for the reply. Interesting method of emission's control.
  3. Hi, Was wondering if someone could please help to identify the parts shown by the yellow arrows. I've searched the Workshop manual until my eye went square but could not find what these parts are. I believe the belt driven unit is some kind of a vacuum pump but have no idea what it is used for, some of the pipes were missing when i was taking the car apart. Looks like non of the euro cars have these and the cam is completely blanked off on that side. There is a branched tubed assembly right above the exhaust manifold, anyone know what that is and if its needed? I'm guessing its some sort of a breather? Again the pipe leads to nowhere 🤔 Some help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Slav
  4. Great, let him know that he is more than welcome to pop over for a beer and stare at a pile of lotus parts
  5. That's a great series, watched a couple already, pretty addictive!
  6. Hello folks, Lotus newbie here with a rather scary purchase of an S3 Esprit Turbo (1985) project 😬. I’ve always been a car enthusiast and anything engineering related since I was a kid. The Giugiaro Esprit drew my attention a few years back but didn’t have the funds, so after selling my previous project this summer and staring at an empty garage space I pushed the button. This is by far the most full-on project I have undertaken, quite frightening as I’m looking at a pile of accumulating bits on the floor after a 20th cup of tea haha. The Lotus is a US import and from what the seller told me the car has not been started in over 8 years. The engine turns over but I’m not even going to attempt to fire it up. The paint and the interior look scary as hell, but this is just cosmetic and I’m hoping the mechanicals are in good shape (once I get to them). The plan is to strip the whole thing down to a bare tub ready for new paint, recommission the engine and then put it all back together- this is going to be interesting hahaha (wish it as simple as typing it out). Would really appreciate some help and guidance from all the knowledgeable folk here in the forum, I’ll try and get a build thread on the go as well. Cheers, Slav
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