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  1. Thank you kindly for all of the replies, very much appreciated. It does seem that Roadsters tend to hang about on the market for some time, the particular car at Stratton having gone through the whole summer without being sold, even when to me it looks like a winning combination spec wise. I do admit that is my only reservation about purchasing and then struggling to sell on when the time comes as those that know the cars prefer the later 350 model it would seem. I guess the Roadster occupies a strange position in the Exige S3 line-up, possibly not hardcore enough for those that love the
  2. Hi Everyone, Am new to this forum and have signed up because I'm on the hunt for an Exige S Roadster. I came across this car at Stratton's but it appears it has been for sale for a while, does anyone know anything about it: I have had a search of the forum and could not find any previous posts about the car but please excuse any repetition if the car has been discussed before. Thank you kindly for having me and for any information shared. I am happy to wait for the right car but it must be a
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