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  1. I’ve just looked again around the site and I apologise as I have found where they have old radios for sale. Sadly no Clarion but I will get in touch with them. Many thanks for the link
  2. Ouch! £2k for a radio. Great concept though if you have an expensive car. Sadly I don’t! Yes I have yet to find anyone with one just to see it in situ
  3. Hi all I have been directed here by a friend of mine who is in the club and I hope someone can help. I am looking for a head unit from an Esprit Sport 300 as referenced below and I can’t find much info on this model so suspect they were not very common The reason I am searching is that I have a special edition lesser car (compared to an Esprit!) which is a 1992 Peugeot 205 GTI 1FM of which they made 25 for Radio 1’s 25th anniversary. I have saved a car which has been off the road for 10 years and have got it back on the road and sourced all the original Clarion radio, but my
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