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  1. Thank for the info. I have changed the header tank cap, so it has to be something else. Pete at Pnm engineering has sent me the new 3 core radiator, and says this will solve my problems. If you can find something else, I appreciate it alot superdavelotus:-)
  2. The cap on my expansion tank is actually not a pressure cap. It`s just a regular cap. I have the hose going out of the expansion tank, and down by the left rear tire that lets out the water. Is it not supposed to be like that?? Should there actually be a pressure cap on the expansion tank as well?? Can the solution to all my worries be this simpel? I have been loosing water all the time when I drive the car fast, and there are absolutely no leaks anywhere else. Not in the front from the radiator, and there is no liner problem.
  3. I am glad you didn`t have to pay an arm and a leg. I am starting to worry that something bad is going to happen to my Esprit in the future, so I am thinking about selling it. This is my second lotus, and I must say it requires a good income to have this car up and running. I haven`t quite decided yet, I might also keep it, but I am definetely going to buy a new car. I have my eyes on the 911/996 turbo, with the factory tunning ( called 9ff). The problem is that the damn thing is so fuc... loveable that I don`t want anyone else to have it. So it is somewhat of a dilema. Hmmmm....
  4. I have the exactly same problem with my car, but mine lets water out of the expansion tank aswell when the temp gets up to about 100. So I am always loosing water when the car gets hot. WHY???? Does this happen to your cars too???
  5. Not this summer, sorry. I always go to gatebil v
  6. I honestly don`t think you should worry to much. I also thought about all the rules for driving this car on the track, but You are not going to have fun, if all you think about is what will go wrong with the car.This car is made for driving, and yes, take the nesesarry precautions, but you can still drive this car to the limit without to many worries. I drove it to the max this last weekend, and the car was loving it!!! It handles like a bauty!!!
  7. Hey, is this the same esprit that is on the Monstertour dvd?? You were driving pretty damn fast on the video. Very cool!!! I have heard about your Esprit, and I think you live up in northern Norway, right???
  8. Well, I knew it was fast, but this was just one hell of a good time. This car just doesn`t stop amazing me. I got the coilovers on just before the weekend, and I must say that this was just like driving a gocart on STEROIDS. I did not get passed by any other cars, not that mine had the most power, but it just drives SO GOOD. I did however have some trouble with coolant lose from the expansion tank, so I have allready ordered the new and improved radiator and a new water pump. I don`t have the liner problem, and the car does not leak anywhere else, so it has to be the solution to all my troubles, a new rad. Anyways, this was the only Lotus Esprit there, it may also be the only V8 in the country, so it seemed like people appreciated seeing this beautiful thing on the track. I have to say a big thanx to Pete at PNM engineering for beeing a quick deliverer of parts. If it wasn`t for him, I would`t have been driving this weekend. Hell of a good time!!! Here is a little foto of me in hot pursuit.
  9. I thought the 993 turbo had 408 bhp??? You migt be right about the later porsche 911 turbos beeing faster then the esprit, but after a little pling here and a ding there (upgrades), the upgraded V8 esprit will keep up with just about anything in its way. I have film of the Esprit making fun out of the gallardo SE. But don`t get me wrong, I DO like the porsche. I will probably consider buying one in the near future. I really like the 993 4s. So it`s either that one or the 993 turbo. Tese are the last true porsche models:-)
  10. Found the problem. Previous owner has changed the master cylinder before, and put in the master cylinder from an 80s Esprit. This one doesn`t need the adapter as the V8 Master cylinder. So.....I needed the adapter, and ofcourse the good man Pete at PNM engineering was helpful as always. He is a really nice man.
  11. Thanks for info. I found the same parts nr. for 98MY as you HASUsan. But PNM engineering has a different parts nr. PNMQ3620. I have to give them a call today. Need my car ready for tomorrow, so kind of desperate right now.
  12. Hi you guys. My car is the 1997 V8. I ordered the slave and master cylinder from PNM engineering, after putting the uprated clutch in. One or the other wasn`t working to good anymore. The slave cylinder was easy to get in, but my mechanich says that the master cylinder doesn`t fit. He got it on the car, but said something about the hole beeing to small. On the parts description from PNM engineering, it says clutch master cylinder Esprit all 88-92 & V8 >98. Is this right? Is it the same part as the older Esprit, because we are having trouble fitting it.
  13. I had the Carrera C2 911/993 last year, and I must say that it is an awesome car. With only 272 bhp, it really goes great on the track. I would really want to try the porsche 911/997 turbo, until....last week, thursday actually, when a guy tried my car after trying the new 911 turbo. Here is what he said: the porsche was really fast, but to rough to handle. has 4 wheel drive. He tried my car and was amazed by the power, the handling, he specially noticed the precise steering. He meant the Esprit was more civilized, and a much better car for the money. And a real sportscar has rear wheel drive. I agree! I still want to try the porsche, but at least now I know my car could be the better deal ;-) I love my LOTUS!!!
  14. I replaced mine with high flow racing cats, and it made a huge difference. Would not recomend replacing with stock lotus cats. But as mentioned above, you should probably have some boost modification too.
  15. The same thing will happen in my car when driving in heavy traffic. I happened to read in the manual book in my car (the green one behind the drivers seat) that the temp will rise to around 100 in heavy traffic (this is normal for the V8), and go back down to between 70-85 when picking up speed again. I don`t see this as a problem, and I also registered that my fans will turn on when turning the car off and the engine is very hot. Am I totally wrong here??
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