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  1. I've had a 410 Sport for the last year and have been really pleased with everything about it in terms of performance and looks. For me I am looking forward to the Emira for a slightly less harsh ride over the ever worsening UK roads, but still the same performance, driving characteristics and fantastic looks. The added refinement in the cabin will be nice and the thing I am really looking forward to (hopefully I am not let down here!) is a decent radio that stays tuned in to a radio station for more than five minutes. The radio is truly terrible in the Evora, I have resorted to using bluetooth on my phone, but as I live in a rural area, the phone signal drops out on most of the roads around me which is very frustrating!
  2. Has anyone heard how they are splitting the V6 auto/manual production, or is it likely they will be built alongside each other?
  3. Thanks to all for your replies. My plan at the moment is to wait until I get the Lotus call to confirm I can have an V6 auto next spring/summer (hopefully my deposit was early enough), then I will have a look at the Emira at the roadshow on 4th Nov (Manchester Airport) and at that point I should be happy that I can get my spec and can move forward to sell the Evora, knowing approximately when I will be able to get an Emira. I got a quote today from WBAC for £52,655 for my 410 Sport Auto 2018 reg with 7,500 miles, although interestingly they think it is a manual from the registration details, so not sure how that may affect price. As a ballpark price, that would work for me budget wise for the trade up to the Emira. I will try the other sites suggested above and will also make enquiries with independents and of course my local Lotus dealer/retailer. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense to take advantage of the stronger second hand prices. There is also a saving with not having to service and MOT next spring and of course insurance, although these are not big costs particulalry it all adds up and if I start to look at cost per mile that I would drive over the winter, it starts to make a stronger case to sell sooner than later. I will update this thread as I progress things in and as I find out further information. Thanks again to all for your help and ideas.
  4. Last winter, I only used the Evora on odd days, so could easily manage without and as you say take advantage of the strong second hand market. Certainly worth some further investigation.
  5. Yes, that would make sense, but I would need to have the part ex money to put with the balance to buy the car. Normally this is a straightforward process if you are just buying from a dealer as they will credit the part ex on the invoice for your new car, but if the Lotus payment is completely separate, it may make things more complicated. Hopefully, there will be a simple solution, we will have to wait and see.
  6. Has anyone heard from their retailer (formerly known as a dealer) how part exchanges will be handled if we are buying direct from Lotus? I have asked the question, but my local retailer wasn't sure. Also, I wonder when a part ex value would be 'locked in'. My plan is to part ex my Evora 410 Sport for the V6 auto, so all being well it should be one of the earlier cars for next spring/summer, but who knows what will happen to second hand prices/values in the coming months.
  7. Are all the e.mails addressed to you personally i.e. Dear Mr Exxxxxxx? The form did not ask me for my surname and the e.mail confirmation is addressed to my surname, so they must be looking something up in a database? Perhaps the system checks that you are a deposit holder only, but does not limit you to the number of sessions you can attend. It is a poor show that it is not comaptible with some web browsers (doesn't work on Firefox or Safari)
  8. Another Oakmere customer/deposit holder here. I have booked for Manchester Airport for the 5/11/21 @11:00. This will be a great venue for the roadshow, I've been to lots of events there over the years (I worked at the airport for 20 years). Note: the booking form does not work through the Firefox web browser, I booked it using Microsoft Edge. I'm booked in for Manchester Airport and the Concord visitor centre has a large capacity, so it may be difficult to get near the car if it is full to capacity. Not really the deposit holder experience that we were perhaps expecting.
  9. Not having second thoughts, but the servicing side is a concern. My local dealer/service centre seem to be really struggling with availability. I have had two warning light issues over the summer on my Evora (the orange spanner electrical fault light and the airbag warning light) and both times it has been six weeks before they have been able to get the car in. All the folk on the service side are great, really friendly and helpful, but there just doesn't seem to be enough resource to fix things. I hope that Lotus will make a commitment to improve the servicing side. I appreciate that this is delivered by third party operators who need to run profitable businesses and can’t throw endless money at it. I don’t want this to be a name and shame post because the guys I use are really good when they have availability, I would imagine that they get just as frustrated as the customers I am sure that this will come up in conversation when I am finalising my order. It would be nice if Lotus outline their plans for improving the network to support the higher volume of cars.
  10. As promised in an earlier post, just an update now that the windscreen has been replaced. I spoke to Oakmere Lotus in Northwich (my local dealer/service centre) and they don't actually fit windscreens, so I used the company recommended by my insurance company which was National windscreens. I used the Stafford branch and the whole job took around 3 hours which gave us chance to have a look round the shops and go for lunch. They have done a good job fitting the windscreen despite it being the first Evora that they had worked on. The insurance excess was £175 to pay, but of course this is policy dependant. The fitter said that the windscreen invoice price was over £1,000 so I was quite happy to pay the excess! I was at Oakmere the next day getting my air conditioning looked at and I mentioned that I had a cracked windscreen repaired the day before and the service guy said that explains why we had a call yesterday from a windscreen fitter about how to fit a windscreen in an Evora! I took just under 2 weeks for the replacement windscreen to arrive, so not too long a wait. Happy with everything now and patiently waiting for the Emira dealer tour! Thanks to all for your replies to this topic.
  11. Thanks, never thought about ebay! Hopefully, this may indicate that there is some supply out there.
  12. The same hapened for me, I went through the verified by Visa and then got the validation number text to the mobile to confirm from the bank and all looked OK, but they still stopped the payment, so well worth phoning to check.
  13. I had problems with my deposit. I used a Nationwide account (debit card) and everything seemed to go through and I got the e.mail from Lotus straight away. Soon after the transaction, Nationwide put a stop on my account and I spoke to them and they said that the transaction was classed as unusual activity. I phoned Lotus (0800 8044577) and they couldn't verify immediately if the payment had cleared with them and I had to wait until next day. Lotus were fantastic on the phone and phoned me back the next day and asked me to try the payment again. I phoned the bank first to tell them I was about to make the payment and they reassured me that all would be well this time. The payment failed again (there was plenty of available cash in the account to cover the cost), so I tried again with a credit card and it went through with no problems. I can understand the banks being cautious, but it is very frustrating when you tell them about a transaction that you are making and they still stop it. My only issue is that I lost a day of being in the deposit queue, but Lotus did say that they will try to honour my first attempt as being my queue position. I would give them a call on 0800 8044577 to confirm things, they are super helpful. Also worth contacting your local dealer (if you haven't already) and get on their radar ready for September when we get pricing and start the configuration process. Which engine are you going for?
  14. Thanks to everyone for your replies. The car is due to go into Oakmere Lotus at the beginning of August to get the air conditioning repaired, so I think I will try and arrange for them to replace the windscreen at the same time, particularly as the windscreen fitters used by insurance have never replaced a windscreen in an Evora before. It sounds like there is potential for the job to go wrong so I would rather not take the risk! I will update this post once the job is done with any relevant points so that it may be useful to another owner in the future with a similar problem. Thanks again to all of you for your help.
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