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  1. I don’t know what it is like at night as I never go out after dark, so can’t advise on that. There is a brightness adjustment and you can also set it to show speed and a compass if it was distracting. I’m not sure of there is a way to switch the screen off entirely so that it reverts to being a standard mirror. The screen has a reflective surface I think to satisfy MOT regulations. You do initially notice the mirror more when you first install it. This is probably due to the refresh rate of a screen versus what your eye expects in a mirror. You also notice that daytime driving LED lamps i
  2. Time to update on the battery issue. I am fairly certain that the battery was drained by my recently installed digital mirror not shutting down correctly, due to either an incorrect setting, operator error or software bug. I noticed this after I recharged the battery and have since factory reset the mirror and it seems to be working correctly now. So rather than requiring a new battery, a simple recharge did the trick, saving me a very significant expense! I thought it would be helpful to share some of the research that I did on batteries as it may be helpful for others in the future.
  3. Thanks for the info. My car is kept outside as my garage is converted to living space, but I could make a waterproof/weatherproof container for the charger and pass the wire through as you have done. There is an outdor electrical socket right behind where I park my car, so I think this would be a good solution for me. Thanks again.
  4. I had the spanner symbol when I had trouble starting a couple of weeks ago, but it only stayed on for about 30 seconds after I got the car started. When I spoke to Lotus service at Oakmere about the battery yesterday, I mentioned this and they said it was likely to do with the battery issue. The manual states that the orange spanner is an electrical fault. It is a pity that we can't read the error codes ourselves as this would make diagnosis of some issues easier. Particularly as my local service centre (Oakmere in Northwich) are booking work in now for mid-January, which is a long wait to get
  5. Yes, it is the same range, but with a higher amp/h charge rate. Let me know if you find a good route out for the cable. My car is kept outside on the driveway and although I can reverse up to an outdoor plug socket, it is going to be a pain having the cable trailing out and the car not properly secured. I will probably try and figure out a way of securing the tailgate to stop a rogue gust of wind catching it. I think a new carbon tailgate would make a lithium battery seem cheap! I'm sure that people will be aware, but just in case - if your battery goes flat the windows do not drop when
  6. The optimate has arrived ............. It is now fitted in the car. The car must have had this type of charger previously as the connection to the battery was already in place. Does the Lotus OEM charger use the Optimate type connector? The charger is currently suppyling a low current to get the battery back to its normal operating voltage range and then it should automatically go into full charge mode unless any cell damage is detected. It is in the battery save cycle currentIy and I should know in a couple of hours or so whether normal charging will begin
  7. Many thanks for your replies, they are very much appreciated. No, I didn't buy the car from a main dealer, just a regular car dealer and the original battery charger/conditioner was not in the car. I have ordered an Optimate Lithium 12V 9.5A battery charger and optimiser and I think from reading reviews, if the battery can be saved, this piece of kit should do the trick. It was £140.99 (inc del.) from Tayna Batteries. It is due to arrive today. My plan is to fully charge the battery (if it will charge) and then leave it switched off and keep an eye on the voltage for a couple of days and
  8. I purchased my 2018 Evora 410 Sport about 4 weeks ago and have had some strange electrical problems. I thought that it may be me getting used to a new car especially coming from a keyless operation to having to put the key in, switch on the ignition and press the keyfob if the red circle was lit on the dashboard display. I had one occasion of complete power failure with the whole car dead (including hazards and horn) but switching the battery off and on again resolved that. I came to it at the weekend and the car was completely dead after not being driven for a day. The battery was show
  9. Yes, you are right, there is no need to adjust as the viewing angle is very good. I wouldn't be surprised that if another driver got in the car, they would adjust the seat position, the steering wheel and then automatically out of habit go to adjust the mirror even though it doesn't make any difference!
  10. Hopefully the picture is helpful. The dimensions of the new mirror are as follows: Digital mirror - Wider at the bottom hence two width dimensions Top width 230mm, bottom width 265mm, depth 72mm Factory mirror 220mm, max depth (centre of mirror) 65mm Although the digital mirror is bigger, I don’t feel that it blocks vision for me. What does seem very different is having a screen rather than the image you would expect of the rear window and then the traffic beyond that. I am sure that it is something that you get used to quickly. There seems to be more of a
  11. I have recently had installed an AUTO-VOX V5PRO OEM Mirror Dash cam This is a little different to other similar solutions out there as it replaces your existing mirror rather than strap to your existing mirror and there is only one cable out rather than the two or three cables on the strap over models. It not only replaces your rear view mirror view with something that you can actually see, it also acts as a reversing camera and front and rear 1080p dashcams. The before and af
  12. Thanks for the invite, we don't live far from Knutsford and often go there shopping, or at least we used to before everything had to shut! I didn't know about the Whipping Stocks as we are fairly new to the area. Look forward to checking it out and seeing you once some normality returns.
  13. Thanks for the tip with the seats, I am finding them fine for now now, but well worth having this info for future reference.
  14. Yes, it has got the carbon seats, I understand that these are used in the Exige. I really like the look of them and I find them very comfortable and they add to the whole theatre of the look and general feel of the car. There is a knack to getting in them without impaling yourself, but you soon get used to it! Thanks to everyone for their kind comments.
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