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  1. Now that I have my second Emira deposit paid, I decided to sell my car (Evora 410 Sport) before the winter and sold it to my local Lotus dealer. It is now for sale at Oakmere in Northwich, Cheshire. Thanks to all for your info and advice.
  2. My understanding is that the config is not even locked in at this stage, that will happen when you are asked to make your deposit up to 10% of the final price. I was under the impression that this would be December/January 2022. Agree that your original deposit date is your place in the queue. All very difficult to get a definitive picture. Personally, I am not a fan of the new Lotus approach to buying a car, I feel like I am buying a box of pencils from Amazon, the whole process makes it about as exciting with no physical dealer (retailer) involvement and no proper relationship development. I remember my father complaining that the world was changing too quickly and he didn't like all the changes, I have realised I have turned into him!!
  3. As long as you don't mind waiting - I rang the UK dealer yesterday and they told me that if you order now, delivery would be autumn 2023!
  4. Would agree 100%. My 410 Sport auto sounds great and in sport mode you get a blip on paddle downshifts and also get pops from the exhaust on deceleration, it all sounds very good. I much prefer it to my previous car with was a 5.0L F-type (2015 model year) and the exhaust sound got a bit too much with pops and crackles constantly even at speeds as low as 10mph! The Evora is just right, a great soundtrack that you can mute if you need to (early in the morning/late at night or whatever), but it never sounds fake or manufactured like some cars (the Jaguar being an example).
  5. Good question - I wonder (in the UK) if the distance selling regulations will apply as the purchase could be classed as online (through phone calls and internet deposits/payments). If so, there should be no financial penalty to the purchaser as far as I am aware. Not sure how this would apply to UK road tax and delivery/on the road charges. I'm sure that there will be someone here with legal knowledge that will be able to advise further.
  6. Had my call this afternoon (my deposit was at 08:30 on 8th July). All very straightforward as I didn't have any specific questions thanks to the wealth of information on here. It's a pity that my roadshow date at Manchester Airport isn't until 5th November when the 2nd deposit is due, but all the posts here with images of the colours and the photoshop work will help me nail down my configuration in the meantime and make sure that my deposit is in before the cut off.
  7. If that turns out to be the case, it will be disappointing as it seems to contradict the view that Lotus are trying to move into a different marketing strategy that will pitch them amongst the higher volume competition. My biggest concern remains to be the servicing side and how this will be improved. I waited for six weeks in the summer to get the orange spanner light checked and cleared on my Evora and am now waiting seven weeks to get a red airbag warning light looked at. This does not fill me with confidence buying a new car that if there are any issues, that they could take weeks to resolve. I love the look of the car and everything about it and want to buy one with funds in place, but the servicing/repairs are a nagging issue for me.
  8. I'm booked in for the Manchester Airport session on 4th Nov, but the time is 18:30 - 21:30 rather than 1 hour slots as they seem to be elsewhere. I would imagine that this will be particularly well attended as it covers a very large catchment. I wonder if they have something slightly different planned with the timing and this is the last session for deposit holders (there is a day session the next day, but this is the one that is open to all).
  9. The Emira will be the first brand new car that I have purchased for a long time and I was wondering what advice others have on buying a service plan at time of purchase. I assume that there will be some type of service plan for 3, 5 years or whatever available to buy, either from Lotus direct of your local Lotus service centre/retailer. What have Lotus offered previously on new cars – have the plans been worthwhile, good value etc. Would be very grateful for any thoughts, advice and top tips!
  10. I am expecting the same, I seem to remember hearing/reading that such samples were referred to as frogs, although I may be wrong, I have been wrong before! It will be tricky for those of us going to the Manchester Airport deposit holders roadshow on 4th Nov as it is not until the evening and the dark nights will be with us by then and orders have to be confirmed the next day. So, our choice will have to be made under artifical light only, unless we are able to call back at the public event on the morning of the 5th when there is some daylight. Not ideal really if you are torn between two or more colours and don't have the time to run backwards and forwards.
  11. I've had a 410 Sport for the last year and have been really pleased with everything about it in terms of performance and looks. For me I am looking forward to the Emira for a slightly less harsh ride over the ever worsening UK roads, but still the same performance, driving characteristics and fantastic looks. The added refinement in the cabin will be nice and the thing I am really looking forward to (hopefully I am not let down here!) is a decent radio that stays tuned in to a radio station for more than five minutes. The radio is truly terrible in the Evora, I have resorted to using bluetooth on my phone, but as I live in a rural area, the phone signal drops out on most of the roads around me which is very frustrating!
  12. Has anyone heard how they are splitting the V6 auto/manual production, or is it likely they will be built alongside each other?
  13. Thanks to all for your replies. My plan at the moment is to wait until I get the Lotus call to confirm I can have an V6 auto next spring/summer (hopefully my deposit was early enough), then I will have a look at the Emira at the roadshow on 4th Nov (Manchester Airport) and at that point I should be happy that I can get my spec and can move forward to sell the Evora, knowing approximately when I will be able to get an Emira. I got a quote today from WBAC for £52,655 for my 410 Sport Auto 2018 reg with 7,500 miles, although interestingly they think it is a manual from the registration details, so not sure how that may affect price. As a ballpark price, that would work for me budget wise for the trade up to the Emira. I will try the other sites suggested above and will also make enquiries with independents and of course my local Lotus dealer/retailer. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense to take advantage of the stronger second hand prices. There is also a saving with not having to service and MOT next spring and of course insurance, although these are not big costs particulalry it all adds up and if I start to look at cost per mile that I would drive over the winter, it starts to make a stronger case to sell sooner than later. I will update this thread as I progress things in and as I find out further information. Thanks again to all for your help and ideas.
  14. Last winter, I only used the Evora on odd days, so could easily manage without and as you say take advantage of the strong second hand market. Certainly worth some further investigation.
  15. Yes, that would make sense, but I would need to have the part ex money to put with the balance to buy the car. Normally this is a straightforward process if you are just buying from a dealer as they will credit the part ex on the invoice for your new car, but if the Lotus payment is completely separate, it may make things more complicated. Hopefully, there will be a simple solution, we will have to wait and see.
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