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  1. yes i think i have been slightly naieve . Got hooked in by my enthusiasm . Ten gran is probably was its worth . I expect its too be sale fore a while unless someone with more money thank sense wants to take it on . I will keep you all updated , you never know ? . Kindest Regards Lee
  2. Hi All , i had another look today and im not sure , The owner is now saying he has had other offers nearer to 14 grand , I think he hooked me in with the cheap price , that would have stretched me anyway . I have told him i will leave it for now . And if he cant get rid I would probably have another look . I runs ok but the right bank has a hint of smoke . This would have been a cheap car as an investment , but looks like i need to curb my enthusiasm . thanks for the information and replys chaps. Lee
  3. thank chaps , will let you know how i get on Regards Lee
  4. Thanks for the rely , he is asking ten grand , just passed its mot and body looks straight and engine sound good with no smoke . He has been honest with me and said he has kept it going on a shoe shring , cheap tyres , one fuel tank blocked off as leaking and hole cut in body to replace alternator . Some electrics not working , wipers , fuel gauge and rear lights ? , is it worth a punt ? . Even as a breaker
  5. Hi All , I am a fan of the elite , ecat and excel and have owned a few . Getting back in the game and have just bought an elite s2 . Chatting to a friend about the car and as these things go . He mentioned a friend of a friend ( you know the score . has a v8 lotus on a 96 plate for sale . I have looked at it and it looks fairly strait , but the owner of the last 7 years has kept it legal but not given it a lot of love . I know its a long shot , but what do you think this car would be worth ? . I know this is a how long is a piece of string question , but what would a low of the low v8 price be in the current climate . Thanks Lee
  6. interesting , need to see a complete car in the flesh to make call . I will visit mike at lotus bits and ask him . I have secured a car once the lock down has finished . And today when speaking to a mate about something completely unrelated , he mentioned an elite s1 that has been sat at his farm only 10 miles away from my home . I am looking at it tomorrow . I think the idea of later oz wheels came from a book i had that showed a section on lotus bits . It showed a yellow s1 eclat with oz wheels i think , has anyone got this book ? . regards lee
  7. thanks for the replys chaps . I will update on my search for a car . I am really kickingg myself for for selling the cars . I sold the last one , a reasonably good car that ran but just needed recoming . It was a late k reg excel se and i sold it for 3and a half grand . Regards Lee
  8. Hi All , How common is the elite onto excel conversion . I visited Lotus bits last week as i am looking to get back in the game , Mr Taylor was very generous with his time as always , and said that he has done the conver alot . I have searched and could not find any pic or details of completed cars . Are these owners not on the forum or shy ? . Has anyone got a picture of the above conversion with the latest se oz wheels ? . This is the look i am going for , I think Thanks Lee
  9. anything really . I have a few ideas and probably dont want complete originality . Interesting , have you a car that could be for sale . Thanks Lee. [email protected]
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