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  1. Fair enough - I normally follow the instuctions with paint, but you're probably using something different!
  2. Do you bake the paint you're using for these? I was contemplating repainting mine, but I was looking at removing all the pistons and seals so as not to damage them when baking the paint..
  3. Doesn't seem functional to me, unless you're looking for a roof scoop style interior ventilation for a rally car. Or are there other supporting mods to the body that allow this roof to feed into the engine bay?
  4. I want to know where you got the cup 2s from. I tried a month ago, and was told there were none in the country (Australia)! As suggested, you will need a 3mm spacer.
  5. I've had some success bleeding slave cylinders by pushing the rod back into the slave while opening the bleeder. As in - not bleeding using the pedal at all. Good luck!
  6. Semi-related, the pump that is shown in the line drawing above looks much like the setrab pump, eg this Which, based on my limited research, is one of the better options out there. (I'm not affiliated with pegasus or setrab)
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