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  1. Hello guys I have somes news of my reaserch of a diagnostic tool I have try Autel Maxicom MK808TS Nothing on lotus (normaly works on all world cars) and i have try a innova 3160d Nothing on Lotus (normaly works on all US car) I have send a email to innova to have some explain, normaly the 111r is exactly the same as the Federal they answer that I need to check with a lotus federal VIN , I don't have ... if some one could send me one in MP ? so diagnostic a ABS on S2 111r will be very difficult ...
  2. Thanks Kevlarkid I have done this and nothing wrong the light still there
  3. Hello Bibs thanks for your answer a quick scan in my dealer will cost around 70 € I will follow the auction on ebay and buy one in this price Regard Fred.
  4. come on Bibs we are in 2020 there's a lot of cheap diagnostic tools now I just want to know wich one is the best for the 111R
  5. Hello I'm fred from France I have a Abs light on my dash I have unplug plug the connector this weekend My obd scanner will see nothing could someone help me ? regards.
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