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  1. Evening all. Italian flag green -fairly unique I believe?
  2. Thank you Paul. All good info. Read your post with interest. Which Focal speakers did you fit please -fronts and create I guess?
  3. Good evening all. I plan to replace the Head Unit with a Single DIN flip screen unit to facilitate Apple CarPlay (maps specifically) as the touring plans develop for the coming months into Europe (France shortly to start with). What have others used in their S3’s to this end? I see good Pioneer Units, but aware of the screen potentially obscuring vents and also heard the opening screen can knock the indicator stalk! Also keen to upgrade speakers with the addition of a modest, small Sub such as Pioneer TS-WX010A (not heard, so no experience with it). I’d love to hear your experiences. Thanks in advance.
  4. Just an update for you. Oulton Park was fun - really enjoyed the flow and range of corners and felt it suited the 410 with no long straights - fair comment? Then dropped the car to Hoffman’s for it’s annual service and had a fast road road Geo set up completed. Fronts toed out slightly and cambered slightly negatively along with rebound softened at the back. No track experience yet and whilst not ‘night and day’ as said earlier in the thread, the turn in is more natural and predictive with less of a sense of impending understeer. The car overall is more settled, planted, predictable on the rubbish roads locally. More enjoyable to me. Looking forward to track season 👍
  5. Cheers guys. Yes training is key for sure and thanks for your thoughts. I had 3 days at LDC earlier this year which began to open my eyes and off to Oulton Park on Tuesday to see what has changed in my approach and possibly a little more insight into the 410’s abilities (soooo far ahead of mine I know). What I enjoy above all with the 911’s new set up is more communication and cornering ability (as explored modestly on the road to date to be fair). That’s not an issue with the 410 (or any Lotus), but I am keen to hear how the Geo set ups have affected the cars feel and accuracy on both road and track for fellow Exige owners. Any other thoughts and comments most welcome. Thank you.
  6. Good evening. I recently experienced what a simple geo set can to to transform the handling of a car (911) and I was stunned at the improvement! Sharper turn in, better body control, more communication - all achieved with very small ride height and angle changes. I have a 410 with factory settings and would like to hear peoples experiences. I’m keen on discouraging understeer ( probably need to learn to drive better 😳) and to make the cars front end feel ‘ more on it’s toes’, with the rear slightly less ‘skittish’ that makes sense? Aiming at 6 or so track days over the next 12 months with some ‘legal practice’ on the roads locally! I plan to talk to my local guys (Hoffman’s) but would love to hear peoples thoughts. Thanks you in advance
  7. As a fellow 410 owner (4 months in only), who is still a novice when it comes to understanding suspension, geo, etc., can I ask what impact the relative camber has on the behaviour of the car on the road (or track)? I ask, because I experience a 'skipping' back end on anything other than reasonable quality roads with the standard suspension/geo set up ... guessing there's a thread as I write this but thought it may be a relevant question for those looking at this too. Thank you.
  8. Such enthusiasm from young and old ... not many brands create that level if goodwill. It adds a little to owning these lovely cars 😌
  9. That’s logical. My car will be in a a week or two for oil change at 1200 miles, I’ll see what I can find out and report back.
  10. When discussing 410’s with Hoffman’s before buying, the comments were that they felt the standard factory set up on the rear was perhaps a little skittish and I would agree. I played with easy to get at top two setting adjustments and found that when softening, it actually added to the sensation and hardening didn’t really have the desired affect (front end just felt solid rather than nimble) much as you describe with the springs not able to do what was needed. I am lead to believe that Chris at Hoffman’s is very well versed on how to help this phenomenon, but I haven’t asked the question yet, but my thoughts were the ‘rebound’ (the awkward one!) setting is probably what needs attention too.
  11. May I ask, what you’re aiming for... road manners or track focus?
  12. Pretty sure you have ensure rotation of high and low speed controls should be independent. Tears are awkward, so practice on the fronts?
  13. Yup, agree. Regular ‘dropped jaws’ as the Italian Flag Green 410 trundles, growls, or indeed howls by 😀 I agree, universal enjoyment of the brand too.
  14. Having now run the first 600 miles in the 410, I am so glad I went this route. The focus and urgency even whilst running in has been brilliant. Having to be more conservative due to both road conditions and the bedding in process actually gives a good chance to begin to get under the skin of the car. The B-roads nearby are poor, but the car simply copes and seems more poised, balanced and stronger than I would have hoped/expected. As confidence grows in line with both the engine opening up and road conditions improving, 2021 has a lot to offer ... now which track day first?!
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