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  1. As a fellow 410 owner (4 months in only), who is still a novice when it comes to understanding suspension, geo, etc., can I ask what impact the relative camber has on the behaviour of the car on the road (or track)? I ask, because I experience a 'skipping' back end on anything other than reasonable quality roads with the standard suspension/geo set up ... guessing there's a thread as I write this but thought it may be a relevant question for those looking at this too. Thank you.
  2. Such enthusiasm from young and old ... not many brands create that level if goodwill. It adds a little to owning these lovely cars 😌
  3. That’s logical. My car will be in a a week or two for oil change at 1200 miles, I’ll see what I can find out and report back.
  4. When discussing 410’s with Hoffman’s before buying, the comments were that they felt the standard factory set up on the rear was perhaps a little skittish and I would agree. I played with easy to get at top two setting adjustments and found that when softening, it actually added to the sensation and hardening didn’t really have the desired affect (front end just felt solid rather than nimble) much as you describe with the springs not able to do what was needed. I am lead to believe that Chris at Hoffman’s is very well versed on how to help this phenomenon, but I haven’t asked the question yet, but my thoughts were the ‘rebound’ (the awkward one!) setting is probably what needs attention too.
  5. May I ask, what you’re aiming for... road manners or track focus?
  6. Pretty sure you have ensure rotation of high and low speed controls should be independent. Tears are awkward, so practice on the fronts?
  7. Yup, agree. Regular ‘dropped jaws’ as the Italian Flag Green 410 trundles, growls, or indeed howls by 😀 I agree, universal enjoyment of the brand too.
  8. Having now run the first 600 miles in the 410, I am so glad I went this route. The focus and urgency even whilst running in has been brilliant. Having to be more conservative due to both road conditions and the bedding in process actually gives a good chance to begin to get under the skin of the car. The B-roads nearby are poor, but the car simply copes and seems more poised, balanced and stronger than I would have hoped/expected. As confidence grows in line with both the engine opening up and road conditions improving, 2021 has a lot to offer ... now which track day first?!
  9. Thank you - nice and clear for me to work with. Having driven only 534 miles so far in the car, the main comment is not when pushing in, but more the 35/45mph that we all end up driving at so much of the time when travelling distances, so I’ll report back. Again, nicely presented JCX.
  10. Evening all ... guessing this may have been covered a fair bit, but wondering what owners who want to find a more GT approach for ‘her indoors’ for the longer journeys in the 410 have changed from factory settings? I have no real experience so any guidance very welcome.
  11. So just to add an update ... got really close to a 380 purchase, but in the end, the 410’s ‘430 heritage’ was too much to resist and the deal I was offered was ‘just too good to miss’, honest 🤪. The principle of Nitron adjustability, remarkable engine response, and the way it sits on the road (tracks will be superb I am sure), it just feels like what I always hoped my garage car would offer. Oh and the wife loved the colour too, so it was a no brainer!
  12. Thanks to all of you ... 410 is the most accomplished car, with the 430 heritage vs the 380 having the 350 heritage which is the more modest approach and being 2/3 years old, offering a vfm proposition ...
  13. Would anyone like to put a case for 410 over the 380 for predominantly road use perhaps?
  14. Yeh, I can see the focus clearly! Sounds wonderful, especially in the Vivid Green. Thank you re the Ohlin suggestion.
  15. Funny you should that, because that was exactly the car I spec'd this afternoon when thinking about new with some mods (Beast) versus 380 (Less beastly)! Did you play with the suspension and /or brakes too?
  16. There’s a lot of love for the 380 here ... liking the support for my suggestion.
  17. Cheers ... I spoke with him too, but didn’t visit. I love the yellow (current 350 is just that), but I had same thoughts as you about what a 410 offers, hence the thread. Just been out for ‘an essential’ drive for a couple of hours and whilst brilliant fun, can’t help feeling the extra’s the 380/410 offer will increase the 😄‘S and the look of the car changes a lot, Stephen’s, Daves and GER’s show very well. These are still my thoughts today, but happy to hear why the 410 is the best if all worlds!
  18. Thoughts on modifying my 350, I guess it can have suspension, brakes and supercharger changes quite easily to outperform the 380. Last mods I did were yonks ago on an Impreza Classic (MY2000) - ECU, exhaust, etc. I then bought an STi (MY2002) and although my classic had more power, etc., the STi was simply built for purpose and massively better. I’m always concerned that upgrading an existing vehicle may never quite be as good as the next model up? Also, I do think upgrades = car stays forever as resale is often a challenge?
  19. Strong, solid colours on the Exige work so well don’t they. That is the conundrum really Neal H. The 380 to me is faster, ‘squatter’ and sharper all round than the 350 ... a good 30% change - really great road set up. The small 7 mile round trip I had in the 410 said the same things applied, but probably closer to 50-60% move forward from the 350 with the suspension set up being very focused (no experience of a CUP to compare though). I have no experience in manually adjustable suspension (apart from Abbots Racing adjustable springs and dampers on a Saab 9000 in 1999 ... went from a Big Boat to Little boat in poise, but still a boat 😆) but really enjoy variable control in other cars (911’s, Alpha QV, Scoob’s STI, etc). So I guess that a 410 can be as road friendly as 380 and then dial in the track focus when needed?
  20. Nice colour-ways Stephen. 🙂 The Supercharger has so much more ‘urge’ to it as you say Mark - more excitement, but sat on the road better and felt more secure in truth. There’s always that ‘newest/most powerful is best’ thing going on in my mind, but I find myself thinking 380 makes so much sense, but I really do want to hear other arguments to make a wise decision. Can I ask about your thought processes Stephen on buying the 380?
  21. First time posting on here and I fear perhaps a subject that’s been covered but I have struggled to find thoughts, so hear goes ... Having owned a yellow 350 Sport for 2 years and loved every minute of the 4600 miles I have driven, I want a little more focus and urgency from my car. Generally, I’ll be on the road rather than track (planed for 4 this year, but hey ho!) and drove a 410 some months ago - stunner, immediacy of power and B-road composure, perhaps at a little expense of ‘comfort’ (wife’s language) and quite a different animal to the 350. Back in July, couldn’t see anything under £70k for sale so big step up from the PX of the 350. Last week, drove 380 Sport. Not as much impact on me as the 410, but so much more composed and urgent, broader power delivery, and superb brakes compared to the 350. Pricing under £60k. So is this a sweet spot for: Road and occasional track use Possibly for depreciation too -10k loss in 3 years versus 20-25k on a 410 now? Thanks very much for any thoughts.
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