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  1. There's a choice of two early NAs around £28k now. Looks like the market has moved back down...
  2. All taken in good spirit! I'll be with you lot and talking the prices up as soon as I've got my hands on one anyway. I'll report back when it happens and you can all laugh at me for having to spend £32k...
  3. Well reasoned and that is, of course the hole in my argument. I need a +2. Are we really saying that those two seats in the back are worth £4k though? My point throughout has been that I don't really think the market is at £30k+ for an early NA and one or two cars straight after lockdown isn't evidence of such. I accept that the months to come may prove me wrong. If you feel inclined to look back (and I don't blame you if you can't be bothered) you'll see that I've said I would have spoken to the canyon red seller if the car had been in a spec I'm after as I know you've got to snap these
  4. The assumption since the canyon red car went on at £31k yesterday has been that that is where the market is. Evidence for this, a px 'value' (chortle) and what someone has offered Kimbers is scant at best. A recent sale at £27.5k is far more compelling. The market 'spread' is of little relevance when cars at the bottom of it are just as desirable as those at the top.
  5. Why are we ignoring the £27.5k 2010 na that Will Blackham sold last week in this analysis? +0 but a recent clutch.
  6. Cheers! I'm trying to learn from past mistakes. My Elise is black which isn't really what I wanted and, years ago, I had a silver Clio 182 when what I really coveted was racing blue or liquid yellow. The Evora will be bought and kept and I don't want to spend 30 years cursing my own impatience. Oh yeah, I'd take racing/motorsport green too!
  7. That's a great spec, I can see why you wouldn't entertainment offers, even at £32.5k. I've said it on the Pistonheads thread - it's been difficult to sell a car these last few months but it's been easier than ever to decide that you want something new. It's not just Evoras, anything even halfway 'enthusiast' has gone up. To put it another way, I've got an S2 111S that I paid £18k for two years ago and the cheapest (and only!) on autotrader at the moment is £21k. I don't think that all Elise owners have suddenly decided to hold onto their cars long term, I think it's because of suc
  8. Thanks for the input and good points all. There's not much I disagree with but the gap from NA to S has been a consistent £6-7k in the four years I've been watching prices and I view this current narrowing as because of a dearth of NAs. Having said all of that, I would at least have had a look at this had it been in a colour combo I'm after. I'm not bothered about a few thousand one way or the other because I'll be keeping this car long term but that also means I want it in a colour I favour. Orange, white, yellow, grey or (ardent) red with black or red leather.
  9. Ha! There's no accounting for taste etc. If it was in one of my preferred colours I may well have been on the phone already. I accept that this approach may see me waiting a little longer, I'll enjoy my Elise in the meantime. You're right that it's a seller's market but I don't view that as likely to be 'depreciation free' at £31k - there's not enough of a gap to the S or 400 to my mind.
  10. £31k seems high, although I accept that I may be proved wrong with the market as it is. Oyster is the one interior trim I struggle with too...
  11. Bumping this in case anyone is thinking of selling. I'm still Evora-less and would represent a nice, quick sale in the right circumstances.
  12. I haven't found one, no. I did speak to Barry but I'm being a little fussy on colour and need +2 which limits my options. As I'm sure you know, there's no market at all at the moment. I can't see that the older NAs really can command much above £28k, there doesn't then seem a big enough jump to the S and 400s to me... particularly as I expect to give £5k to 2bular when I do get one.
  13. That sounds like the right 'spread' to me but I think the big jump is likely to be from 'S' to 400. £30k and £40k respectively. Doesn't make much difference to my search, I'm set on na +mods.
  14. Assuming there aren't any issues with it that's incredibly cheap. I'm looking at the bottom of the market at the moment but would expect that to be a £30k outlay once I'd sorted the manifold, exhaust and intake. +£12k for a car that's six years newer and with 100hp more is pretty tempting. What I would say is that it makes any S1 'S' priced over £35k look expensive.
  15. Cheers. I actually saw that one when it came up but - and I should have said above - I'm after a +2. Kid on the way and the 'two seat Lotus' brief is already fulfilled by an S2 111S.
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