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  1. It will get better with nitrons because of stiffer springs although the car is lower
  2. There are also 5mm spacers from H÷R for the evora (online rear).
  3. That seem to be one ways. I have the squeak with 3 ways when a valve opens (as described above) but only when cold.
  4. Hi, negative camber is used to generate a "steering force" in the direction of the car (inner tire diameter smaller than outer) even if the tire is rolling straight. It makes the car more stable on the rear axle. The camber is too high in the case above (measured exactly?). What do you mean with skipping back end exactly? Best
  5. Which Suspension is mounted? I know that effect from nitron 3way suspensions when a valve in the damper is opening for smal bumb compliance.
  6. Mark, thank you for sharing your review. Please let us know how the Twenty20 from Hids4u LEDs performed. Also in terms of heat! The best solution i found so far are the Nightbreaker HB3 and cut the rubber caps (because of no HB3A available from Philips). Thanks Moritz
  7. Hi Joe, to be honest, that is the same situation with my Ex 350 (with the Bilsteins). I just installed a Nitron 3 way and therefore i am into ride heights a bit. There is enough room to lower the car with the Nitrons but is seems to me optically very low when i reach the original 130/130 mm. Strange. Best , Moritz
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