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    Lotus Elan SE Turbo 1992
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    Tonbridge, Kent

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  1. Thanks Dave - I have just updated my profile with my location....based at Tonbridge Kent so I think a long way from you in the South West. I appreciate the offer though. I'll take a look at the power supply to the injector though.... Many thanks again MaccaMcB
  2. Many thanks to you both for the suggestions.
  3. Hi I have a 92 Elan SE Turbo that has been standing for 10 years. I have replaced the fuel pump that was u/s and is now working ok. I am getting a spark at the plugs but the engine is not firing. I put some petrol down the ports and it did start (although for a short time and stuttering) It feels like fuel isn't getting to the ports - but any ideas? And is there an easy way of testing that fuel is getting to the injectors? I assume that I wouldn't have four injectors not working and the car turns over fine but there is just no sign of life Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Cheers MaccaMcB
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