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  1. Just thought it would be a good idea to run both so I could compare and also my wife was interested last year so she would have used it as well. If we didn’t like it we’d sell at the end of summer.
  2. I’ve been a bit of a collector over the years so I already have a number of other garage queens which I’ve decided it’s time to start driving and enjoying more often. I’m not looking for a replacement more of a reducing and thinning out. I had an Emira on order as well which I cancelled recently as I had a sense check realising it was getting out of hand. I generally keep my cars as intended in original manufacturers spec (other than noisy exhaust button) so upgrading isn’t really my thing.
  3. I’m after your thoughts guys as I’m going through an emotional turmoil and considering parting with my 2019 manual GT430. I’ve owned it for around 18months and thoroughly enjoyed every mile I’ve covered. I drove it a lot through last year but its now sat in the garage with around 3500miles. It’s not been used since last autumn other than when it came out for a short while to be serviced at Silverstone in February. It’s one of only two Olive green cars which I purchased with about 430miles on the clock. I had it trailered from the dealer straight to be detailed before adding full XPEL PPF and then a GTechniq ceramic coating. I also had a cat 5 tracker fitted as requested by my insurance company which can also be followed by a phone app. Its truly in tip top condition and stored in a heated garage under its bespoke cover. It also has that secret button activated so the sound can be fully enjoyed throughout the complete rev range. It’s that clean that even the underside of the front splitter has no marks or scratches and also has PPF applied. These are super special and very limited cars and based on the current market I think they will have probably increased in value. Im in for £98k so not interested in selling at a loss but if the right offer came along and I felt comfortable I’d probably sell. Only thing is it’s hard to know what that offer is in these crazy times. Any thoughts on current values or what the future may hold for these cars? Thought I’d add some pictures as she does look good.
  4. I’ve the top one on mine. Can’t say I’ve seen the bottom one on the ones I’ve seen but looks like an expensive carbon version.
  5. I’m of the understanding that 60 cars were produced on the same time run however not all were registered. The later 19plate cars one of which is mine just hung about a little longer.
  6. Very nice car 👌 I’ve had mine a year now and loved every mile I’ve put on it. Would be good to have a GT430 meet up next year.
  7. Congratulations 👏👏👏👏 absolute beauty.
  8. Thanks 👍 had a peak and looks entertaining. Need to get myself down there although I’ll be on foot with no wheels to show off.
  9. Is this place/event/meeting you mention at Dunkerswell airfield? I’ve flown in there a few times. If so it’s too far to drive as I live up near Silverstone but could fly down and hang out next time. That’s not fair at all. What’s the reason? It’s been up for sale a long time and I even had an interest back in November but pulled out in favour of the one I got.
  10. Very nice car that👌Well done.
  11. A great and interesting story Sir. I hope you enjoy your new wheels in good health.
  12. I received my CoP a few weeks back after almost a 3 month wait and to be honest I felt a bit disappointed. Most of what it tells me is on my cars purchase receipt I got from the dealer. I was really interested to know how many cars in total were built and what countries etc but it just tells me my car is number 20 out of 25 UK cars and that’s it!! it would also have been nice to find out the split between manual vs auto etc. I think if the car was 20-30yrs old and been lost in time or something it may have been a different story but suppose as my car is only 2yrs old theres not much to say about it really. Would be interested to see what you get back and how it compares.
  13. Congratulations on a very nice looking car and happy Birthday for when that gets here.🥳🍻
  14. I’ve just been reading that it’s release is imminent so watching with interest. I have a GT430 but doubt/hope I’m not drawn towards changing.
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