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  1. A great and interesting story Sir. I hope you enjoy your new wheels in good health.
  2. I received my CoP a few weeks back after almost a 3 month wait and to be honest I felt a bit disappointed. Most of what it tells me is on my cars purchase receipt I got from the dealer. I was really interested to know how many cars in total were built and what countries etc but it just tells me my car is number 20 out of 25 UK cars and that’s it!! it would also have been nice to find out the split between manual vs auto etc. I think if the car was 20-30yrs old and been lost in time or something it may have been a different story but suppose as my car is only 2yrs old theres not
  3. Congratulations on a very nice looking car and happy Birthday for when that gets here.🥳🍻
  4. I’ve just been reading that it’s release is imminent so watching with interest. I have a GT430 but doubt/hope I’m not drawn towards changing.
  5. Hiya, just picked up on this and read through. I’ve not personally made any progression down this road. I’ve got mine booked in for it’s first service, exhaust valve switch and wheel alignment and once this is done will relook.
  6. Had a look at their site and they have an extensive range of products so I’m going to give them a bell tomorrow and see what they say. I saw the Dynax UC which they have as a new product under anti corrosion waxes. This looks promising as it dries clear which I think may be better for what I’m wanting to achieve. Have you used this yourself?
  7. Great thanks 🙏 Had a look at their website and it does look very good so watched the application video of the guy spraying a truck. He didn’t seem to have much PPE on and it all came across a big amateur so did leave me wondering how long lasting or good it will actually be. Will try and find some threads on Facebook and see what people are saying.
  8. Any recommendations for protecting the underside and wheel arches etc from winter crud and road salt? Want to use my car as much as possible through the winter months but not at the expense of having corrosion issues. Looking for simple effective solutions that don’t leave a sticky residue or have to be professionally applied etc. I’ve seen ACF50 but believe that will need to be reapplied frequently and also Rocal PX32 but I think that stays tacky and attracts the dirt. Any experience with these or other products?
  9. I’d like to be added to the list please if it’s still active.
  10. £1-2k sounds much better and so much easier to justify. Will be interesting to hear what they say next week if you do ask them.
  11. Seating position does feel high but I was expecting that based on various posts and comments I’d read. Got used to that straight away. Lots of sliding the seat and wheel around to get the most comfortable position so it was only the lumber support which i need to address long term. I do find this a lots in cars so have to fine tune to get just right. When the weather warms up next year I’ll change the dampers about but can’t say I’d be spending over £7k for the convenience of doing it from the cockpit. Do you drive yours all through the year? I’d like to but don’t know how they weather es
  12. Managed my first proper run out in the car Friday and have to say so far I absolutely love it. It didn’t feel as firm as I initially thought on the early morning country road short 1mile trip to the detailer last week. This drive was more A roads with plenty of twists and turns and I started to feel really at home after an hour. Although saying that I did find I had to place my rolled up jacket behind me for a bit of lumber support as I started to get the usual nagging pain I find without something there. Looking forward to the next outing now.
  13. Well I’ve taken delivery and now had the full detail, Xpel PPF and ceramic coating completed so almost ready to roll. It’s looking stunning so thought I’d post a few pictures. The guys did a fantastic job and really went to town bringing its best out.

    would just like some slightly warmer and drier weather so I can venture out on its maiden voyage without fear of coming a cropper on cold rubber, wet roads and lots of power.






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