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  1. On 19/11/2020 at 16:39, jep said:

    Indeed. Thanks @Bibs

    Very original Excel, much loved, much expenditure. 

    Quite a few sub-£10K Excel around but I am not convinced they represent long-term value, unless you are very handy with spanners. Best spend a bit more and get one that has been in regular use with lots of dosh spent already @Valley Boy


    Hi there,

    Thanks for the heads up on that one and your good advice. 🙂

    Will have a very good look at the ad.


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  2. Lotus Excel WANTED

    For months we have been looking for a nice Lotus Excel. We have seen the usual poor examples with very sketchy histories and those not quite as I would have described them.

    If you have or know of somebody wanting to sell their pride and joy Lotus Excel to a caring owner with a nice warm garage waiting for it then please let me know.

    It is a dream of mine to have a car like this and it will be for long-term ownership.

    Originality is key to me.

    Please note that I am NOT a dealer.

    Please contact me via mail: [email protected] 

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