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  1. really like the look... planning orange callipers?
  2. Hi Bob, Thanks for posting the above.. interested to hear more about raising the seat height as I hadn't considered that in my list of 'jobs to do'... what did you use for the spacers? Cheers,
  3. that really is a thing of beauty... for me, will have to wait 3-5 years before I'd be in a position to buy one, and it'll be interesting to see what else is available then, but I will be sorely tempted to trade in the Evora...
  4. I registered then have had a couple of emails from Lotus Silverstone, the last one on Saturday inviting me to a livestream launch at their site next Tuesday evening.. tempted.. but just can't make it.
  5. Yes, it will be interesting as you say.. huge amount of work done for a car that's done 6k miles though?
  6. For me it was firstly the look of the Evora, which I still find stunning and I just prefer over the Cayman/911, then its reputation in terms of driving/handling which in the few short test drives I had you don't really find out until you've owned one for a while (almost 6 months now), then it came down to affordability, both in terms of the purchase and on going costs... most of us have limited funds to spend on this sort of car and for me I could just afford an early NA. Interior quality, gizmos's etc were well down the list...
  7. Lovely car... and surroundings!
  8. Agree... great colour, if I hadn't bought a black one in January I'd be contacting you....
  9. Lovely looking car that...
  10. Hi Rob, did you find out what the cause of this might be... I've noticed a rattle somewhere around the passenger windscreen/A pillar trim area when I'm going 70+.... can't see any larked trim though..?
  11. Yep, thanks for this... I thought that would be the case.. and was my plan B if from below was too tricky. Whilst being fiddley it was doable, that being the heat wrap part anyway. I didn't replace the slave cylinder.. want to see if I have any more problems before thinking about replacing the master cylinder.
  12. Did the exact same job this weekend!! Zip tied a fire sleeve round the slave cylinder pipe.. bit of a mission from below. Did you replace the slave cylinder from below or above? I'd be interested in how you get on replacing the master cylinder when you get round to it...
  13. pm'd you... yes the water was getting through the doors.. I had work done under the warranty to have a service bulletin done on the doors and new uprated door seals which are routed differently. Seems to have done the trick...
  14. I've a 2010 NA with Sports/Tech pack but no premium pack.. here is my drivers side sill very wet before I had new door seals fitted!
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