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  1. Hi Rob, did you find out what the cause of this might be... I've noticed a rattle somewhere around the passenger windscreen/A pillar trim area when I'm going 70+.... can't see any larked trim though..?
  2. Yep, thanks for this... I thought that would be the case.. and was my plan B if from below was too tricky. Whilst being fiddley it was doable, that being the heat wrap part anyway. I didn't replace the slave cylinder.. want to see if I have any more problems before thinking about replacing the master cylinder.
  3. Did the exact same job this weekend!! Zip tied a fire sleeve round the slave cylinder pipe.. bit of a mission from below. Did you replace the slave cylinder from below or above? I'd be interested in how you get on replacing the master cylinder when you get round to it...
  4. pm'd you... yes the water was getting through the doors.. I had work done under the warranty to have a service bulletin done on the doors and new uprated door seals which are routed differently. Seems to have done the trick...
  5. I've a 2010 NA with Sports/Tech pack but no premium pack.. here is my drivers side sill very wet before I had new door seals fitted!
  6. Agree, though I have been considering whether its timely to upgrade to the boe master cylinder...
  7. I've a 2010 NA and this has just happened to me... 10miles from home, spent 15minutes in a queue of traffic, so stop/start, lots of clutch work etc.. and I lost the clutch pedal to the floor and couldn't engage 1st or 2nd gears. After a mild panic and I don't know whether it just came up by itself or my foot inadvertently lifted the pedal, the pedal came back and all was well and normal and has been since. Looking through this thread and others it seems there are a number of solutions, i.e. heat wrapping the slave cylinder pipe, higher spec fluid and replacing the master cylinder. So I know wh
  8. Yes please, I'd like a pair! Sorry , thought I'd quoted.... Yes please, I'd like a pair!
  9. Just to let folks know that these are not sold anymore... mine are looking 'nasty' - are these the best bet now:
  10. When I was looking to buy, a sales guy at a Lotus dealer told me the Evora (Toyota) engine was made to have an automatic gearbox and so the IPS was a more natural fit, and Lotus had to adapt the design to allow for a manual... is this true or was he just trying to sell me the IPS that was on the forecourt!? I ended up buying a manual from somewhere else...
  11. yes, that white IPS used to be listed at £33k, then down to £30k recently, now up to £32k on there website?
  12. Interesting... just noticed that Lotus Siverstone have just increased the price of its two NA's for sale by £2k!? Are they expecting Evora's prices to rise now they are coming to the end of production?
  13. this has been up for sale a number of times since July I think.. a few from this forum have looked at it including myself who nearly bought it, but in the end decided I needed my first Evora to come with a warranty... and there's nothing wrong with black 😀
  14. 👍 If that is the only reason then great..! I really don't need 2 extra seats, though may affect re-selling it if/when it comes to that....
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