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  1. Hope so! Just put a deposit down for the black one at Jon Seals... 2010 NA, £25k, 42000miles...
  2. Thanks for the info... yes, the other member has sent me his thoughts as well... just mulling it all over. I'm new to Lotus, new to the Evora so starting to think that a car from a reputable dealer with some warranty might be best for me until I get to know the car a bit better. Equally, I don't want to be too fussy, I think I can get bogged down in the detail while forgetting what a great car it actually is. I'm going to spend a few weeks trying to think about other things and start again in the New Year... thanks again, appreciate the response...
  3. Hi all, thanks for all the replies.. hmmmm, think I'm going to dwell on it a bit and make a decision over the Christmas turkey...
  4. Hi, new to the forum and hopefully soon a new Evora driver... does anyone know much about this car: Ive had a test drive, really liked it, new clutch is great, the car seems in great condition, just a few minor niggles like the satnav doesn't work, which doesn't bother me too much... its being sold by pjs on behalf of a customer so doesn't come with any warranties but they vouched for it in terms of its condition. We've agreed a price but I'm just a bit curious as to why it hasn't been bought yet as they've had it since the summer I think? Any
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