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  1. Gosh. Erm. Ok. I think. Thanks. Apologies now for fan boy photos. Ill put my best 38yr old married gent head on and pull myself back into sensr again now.
  2. Eek. I dont want to be the non owning fan boy saddo gawping at THE cars. Hmmm. Not sure lol. (But thanks though.... )
  3. Im in Essex. Theres some of each nearby. Im very much looking forward to the forthcoming trips...even if I just (lolol) result in sitting in my dream cars and see them.... ....they saw never meet your heroes. Please dont let me down Lotus!
  4. Gosh, the further replies sound exactly like whats in my mind. Id truly appreciate and understand the associated "fun" of looking after a classic. And Id certainly get an Esprit with perfect (in consideration) history, and hopefully a particular edition type. I cant imagine my mileage being more than 1500 a year...honestly. A Lotus just isnt a daily driver to me. And the flipside of a possibly appreciating investment is an Evora; easier to maintain and likely to hold value, maybe not appreciate as much. The two thought out perspectives are - Childhood dream car, bought as investment. - More justifiable to use, pragmatic decision. It really will be a case of sit in each now. Wow factor vs Sound Am I making sense?
  5. Im genuinely suprised at the unanimous Evora answer. Thats helpful for sure. THANK YOU to everyone
  6. Hey everyone, Lifelong Lotus fan here. Norfolk born, and a really kind neighbour brought them home- he was a Lotus Dealership Sales Person (are you here Mr W?). He gave us a blast in every car, gave me loads of goodies. Pure joy for a primary school child. I was first introduced to Lotus through a Calypso Red S3 turbo. It burnt into my mind. And then really loved the look of the X180. In my young adult years I then saw the Elise emerge. The classic light is fast philosophy bit me hard. Loved the simplicity. The Exige seemed never to tick my boxes...too much of everything. And when the Evora came out it immediately caught me as an aspirational Lotus of my adult generation. Now it might be so that personal circumstance allows me a one time life purchase of my dream cars. And after years of thinking, youtube and articles Im still no further than wanting them all. THIS is where I need all your advice...Which one!? My current stand points- - it WILL be cherished, dry use, used but not ragged, never ever sold. - I have generally modest means. I do service my cars mostly myself, and would take great pleasure in doing so to my purchase- unless it would severely dent its value. - Wifey thinks Esprits are ugly, Elises too small, thinks Evora is sexy. - Esprit feels more special as its a classic, Evora seems (self denigrating) too fancy and Elise more driver than the Esprit, but lacks the V sound. - Im 6ft3. Thanks for the long read. I sincerely do hope I join you all as an owner soon!
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