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  1. Hi C8RKH. Thanks for the comment. Posting another pic and will send some another time that are more scenic! I didn't know we made anything here! We usually export things that we grow... but I'm guessing its a Fraser? If you need help with shipping, let me know - its what I do. Cheers
  2. Hi Folks. I'm new to the forum (any forum, come to that!). Have had a S2 Esprit for about 5 years and own other brand classics, but recently bought my Evora GT410 Sport - the only one in NZ I'm told. I have to say its an absolute hoot to drive and be in. So urgent, responsive and goes like stink! I was at a pedestrian crossing in a small town and a lady was holding the hands of her two very young daughters (twins I guess) while crossing. I'm going to say they were maybe 2 years old? Anyway they couldn't stop staring and yelling to Mum about this black 'thing' that was on the road. Mum was less
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