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  1. I've managed to find a company DIVINE HANDCRAFTS that do decals for Lotus and they have exactly what I need. Thankyou all for all your suggestions, this topic is now closed Topic now closed Thankyou
  2. Yes,except my LOTUS decals are just a darker shade of silver than the cover and dosen't stand out,instead of black like the one you have shown me .
  3. Mine is just a clear sticker with LOTUS printed on it,so can't paint Thanks anyway
  4. Thanks Gav,but I'm after a red one, they only have black
  5. Hi Anyone changed the color of the LOTUS Decal on the engine cover to Red or Yellow. Non supercharged. If so can you buy the decals or do I need to get a sign writer. Cheers in advance
  6. Hi every one I'm trying to remove my interior A Pillar fabric covers on the Evora,as the fabric needs reglueing. I can release the top and middle fixing clips ok,but the bottom one close to the dash is a problem. Any suggestions without causing damage will be greatly appreciated. Cheers in advance Dave (NZ)
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