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  1. Wow, be interested to see how many weeks/months/years that will take. the previous owner of my car who restored it kept a spreadsheet of costs. It’s quite frightening to see them and of course that doesn’t include the hours that go into it! good luck
  2. A known problem on Elise/exige is the location of the heater fan resistor pack. It’s mounted underneath the fan inside the chassis in a area that has no drainage so it sits in water and corrodes and ultimately fails. I read at what a pain this was to fix due to the difficult location and access so I thought I’d share my experience and hopefully some hints/tips. My car is a 2004 NA Exige without A/C. If you have a/c the there more connections that are required to be removed. the front claim absolutely needs to be removed to get access access as the image below. The heater matrix and f
  3. Thanks All - It's an S1 - Steve at SJ confirmed they should be 25mm in length. Car is booked in for him to do it and put new inserts in. They can do it without removing the engine
  4. What should the correct length of bolts be on this engine mount? The ones I removed were 20mm in length but the hole depth looks to me like it could be 25mm? Looks like the threads are stripped on two of the holes as the bolts just spin. Is this an engine out job to get them helicoiled or has anyone being able to do this with engine in situ?
  5. What size/spec and torque would this bolt be (where the missing bolt should be in the pic) - it's the right hand side engine mounting on an S1. Thanks, Paul
  6. Looks a really neat and simple install. What size did you order - the website suggests t200e. I plan to add one to the engine cover of my S1
  7. Thanks. I need to top it up then. Seems I have a slight coolant leak.
  8. What should be the correct coolant level in the header tank on an S1 Esprit? Thanks Paul
  9. Having just acquired a 1978 S1 Esprit, I don't plan on driving it too much over winter except for dry days. I'll have the car on a battery conditioner in the garage but what is the general advice for storage? On the basis that regular use often leads to a more reliable car, do people recommend starting the car every other week and letting fluids get up to temperature? Thanks Paul
  10. A few more pics as requested. Took it out today for a few miles and is actually more comfortable than my Exige! I'm based in Leeds so if there are any recommendations of local places to help look after the car that would be great.
  11. Thanks - I'm sure I'll be needing the knowledge & expertise of the people here as I'm sure it's going to be a labour of love!
  12. When I was about 11, I would frequently cycle to a small village, Thorner (North Leeds) to drool over a white S1 Esprit. One day, whilst the owner was washing it he kindly offered to take me for a drive (different times then!). It was the most amazing experience and I'm sure that day set me on my way to being a petrolhead. As a result I've always wanted a white S1 Esprit and after many years of waiting & looking I've finally taken delivery of this beauty. It has been totally restored by former owner and SJ Sportscars and in my opinion looks superb. To say I'm excited is an
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