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  1. Any updates with ecu upgrade for cup250 ?
  2. Hi Guys lotus stop production for Elise & Exige whats everyone thought about future value for cup430 final edition? would they go up the value and become collector items? cheers
  3. Hi Sean elise Grey with red interior looks awesome and red does match the car with carbon and stand out well
  4. Lotus Queensland in Australia πŸ‘
  5. Finally picked up our cup430s final edition Both cup430 final edition looks so good 😊
  6. Thank you πŸ‘ My other mate picked up his vivid green cup250 final edition at same dealership 2 weeks ago and straight to GT auto garage for some carbon mirrors installed too looks very πŸ‘
  7. πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ the wait is all over now me and my friends cup430 Final edition is arrived very exciting for it, can’t wait till this Saturday for the pick up
  8. Did you done any comparisons for the power gain or lost? cheers
  9. Can we find out how many final edition cup250 lotus actually made?
  10. Anyone here bought cup430 final edition?
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