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  1. It’s been for sale for a while, it and the NI one probably up for longest?, the graphics were recently added presumably by the seller. Personally not offended by the LOTUS lettering, easily removed/swapped if so. Guess it needs a bit of a tidy up but with the approx £10k less than others on market it must be worth a look if that’s what you’re after? seller seems to be a van modifying business, maybe that’s putting people off for some reason?
  2. I contacted them this morning to confirm the seating as it looked like 2+2 but stated 2 seats. They replied and I was planning on ringing back after lunch but it seems to have sold in between! Should have been quicker.....
  3. If you have a Costco membership these are great. Had one for a few years and fits under everything, cheaper than that in store too.
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