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  1. Thanks for the replies and info. I'm fairly handy but have not completed a full restoration. Great advice.
  2. Hello all. New 1980 S2 2.0 owner. Starting down the path towards a complete restoration.
  3. New to the forum. Located on the east coast in chilly upstate New York. I just purchased a 1980 S2 2.0 w/ 28K original miles..silver w/ red leather. Has sat in a barn untouched for 30 years and will need a full restoration. The car is generally in nice shape and seems worthy of the investment and time. I'll outsource the engine rebuild, paint and chassis prep. Just reading through these posts it looks like I'm in for a long haul. Any advice moving forward is greatly appreciated. Parts(where to go), steps, etc.. Great to be part of the Lotus group.
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