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  1. Dealer did that for me, hitting the button is all in the same motion as putting on the seatbelt. The AIM dash also shows the open/closed message. Had mine about 2 months, already done around 3000kms and a few track days. Seems adding a pic is the done thing...
  2. Noticed TPMS messages after leaving last track day (stop past nearby service station to pump them back up to road pressure) and it indicated individual corners being low. Haven't seen anything in the logged data but being able to view pressures on the screen would be pretty handy if the data was available? No idea if that can be added as I also see gearbox temp as field but always reads zero so guessing the car doesn't have a sensor for that either. Also which version of RaceStudio are people using to upload the profiles? V 3.50.33 (beta for the analysis) Can modify display, added a few gauge options around the cluster which worked but got a perm error warning on the lower bar and could not activate DPM? Had to reflash the OEM firmware to clear it... (I am running latest version) V 3.30.12 Doesn't give me the display tab to modify screen layouts. Only expansion, shift light and smartycam. Like the AIM gear (have a Mychron5, Solo2DL etc) but their software isn't great IMO!
  3. Yes I have it set to logger command, guess I could disable auto record unless at the track. Still be nice if AIM gave an option to link recording option to being in track mode only. First world problems right?
  4. I've gone one running in my Exige 410, great unit but not without its strange behaviour. Have noticed it save log files/data in road mode which seems a bit pointless but more so is the integration with the SmartycamHD. It is sort of half baked. I previously used the Smartycam with a Solo2 DL which would only start recording with customisable triggers (RPM, speed etc) and obviously would only be used at the track. It was a great system. However the MX2E constantly powers up the Smartycam (not a big deal) and starts recording every time you start driving which is not ideal. I don't want it running as a dashcam (preferably so any street antics are not recorded on video given our overzealous police!). It would be nice if Smartycam integration was more user configurable in RaceStudio or at the very least only did auto recording while the dash was in track mode and/or registered a track location. Is anyone else running this combo ? On a side note, have noticed the ECU data in Racestudio for both Solo2 and MX2E list gearbox temp but no data. I assume they've jumped the gun and the cars don't actually have a gearbox temp sensor?
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