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  1. Hi all, this is my first post and I need some advice. I'm an ex owner of GT410 Sport that I bought from Central Lotus in Jan’21. I sold it after 6 months due to putting a deposit down on an Emira and worried about the value dropping. Anyhow, fast forward 18 months and (a) I decided the Emira wasn’t for me, and (b) I miss the Evora. so, I’m back in the market for a GT410 Evora. Do I wait, as with Emira’s starting to be delivered, prices will come down a bit? Or just go for one of the 2 dark grey ones that Caffyns and JCT 600 have up for sale? Both have been up for sale for a while and are around the £68k mark, but don’t seem to be willing to do a deal at less than they’re advertised for. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated thanks Jon
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