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  1. Only the trim around the gear selector and window switches so they match the orange interior
  2. My 20th Anniversary having nose PPF done at Oakmere. I have also got them to spray a few bits orange and fit Aim dash. The steering wheel is round.
  3. My Exige 410 has been delivered to Oakmere just in time for lockdown. It will getting PPF done next week and Aim dash fitted. We are in the process of moving house so I can’t collect till the end of the month. It’s going to be a long wait!!!!
  4. Hi - I have just put down an 'unplanned' deposit for an Exige 410 Sport 20th Anniversary from Oakmere for collection January 2021. In September I visited Oakmere looking to buy a Caterham Seven to replace my Porsche 718 Spyder and whilst waiting to test drive the Seven I asked if i could test drive an Exige. I used to own an Elise S2 which in 2004 I traded in for an Exige S2 which I instantly regretted and soon traded in for a Caterham R400. I was sent out in a Exige 410 Sport and came back with the biggest grin on my face - it was so different to the S2 version I owned. But I as I had
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