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  1. I have a 20th Anniversary 410 so all wiring was in place and it was just swopping the speakers and adding a subwoofer
  2. As advised on here I have today fitted in my 410 Exige the Focals front & rear and the pioneer sub in the footwell. It sounds so much better and was not too difficult to do. I still have the Sony headunit which I was going to change but I think I will keep it now.
  3. I have already upgraded the front speakers on my Exige 410 to Focals and have ordered Focals for the rear and Pioneer Subwoofer. Do I keep the Sony Dab Headunit DSX 510 even though it is fiddly to use or is there a better single din unit to upgrade to? If there is better is it straight swop plug and play using existing wiring including Dab? I have always had Pioneer or Alpine in other cars.
  4. Only the trim around the gear selector and window switches so they match the orange interior
  5. My 20th Anniversary having nose PPF done at Oakmere. I have also got them to spray a few bits orange and fit Aim dash. The steering wheel is round.
  6. My Exige 410 has been delivered to Oakmere just in time for lockdown. It will getting PPF done next week and Aim dash fitted. We are in the process of moving house so I can’t collect till the end of the month. It’s going to be a long wait!!!!
  7. Hi - I have just put down an 'unplanned' deposit for an Exige 410 Sport 20th Anniversary from Oakmere for collection January 2021. In September I visited Oakmere looking to buy a Caterham Seven to replace my Porsche 718 Spyder and whilst waiting to test drive the Seven I asked if i could test drive an Exige. I used to own an Elise S2 which in 2004 I traded in for an Exige S2 which I instantly regretted and soon traded in for a Caterham R400. I was sent out in a Exige 410 Sport and came back with the biggest grin on my face - it was so different to the S2 version I owned. But I as I had gone to buy a Caterham, I stuck to my guns and bought a Caterham 620S as planned. Over the last 2 months, even though I have loved the raw speed of the 620S I could not get that memory of the noise and drive of the 410 Sport out of my mind - going past Oakmere most days didn't help either. So last week, I popped back into Oakmere and after a 2 minute conversation (and a little bit of man-maths) struck up a deal to exchange the 620S for a red 410 Sport 20th Anniversary Exige Oakmere had in stock. This plan lasted for 2 days, as when I went into drop off my 620S it came into conversation that they also had a chrome orange 410 on order for January delivery. So the paperwork was quickly changed and I am now counting down the days to collection. My only slight hic-up is we are in the process of moving house so I may have to delay collection by a couple of weeks. I will spend the next few weeks reading forums and try and not get too excited!!!
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