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  1. Yes, I don't know what I did getting out of the car upon arrival, but after my two failed start attempts I found the throttle pedal was stuck flat to the floor... As soon as I kicked that and it spring back up, fired up instantly as always :-). Something that's never happened before so far so I shall know for next time!
  2. Many thanks Chris for organising, and great to hear your keys were hiding in the lining - a most intriguing mystery! Only my second TLF meet, so great to see some faces (and cars) from the last North Weald visit and some new ones (to me!). Will check our calendar for the August bank holiday, and if I don't see you there then will catch up at the next breakfast meet. And a few more pics
  3. Hey Jon, I'll check my work calendar for Thursday 19th to see if I could come along in my Esprit if you still need more cars. Have you got any more info in terms of times one would need to arrive to park up for display, etc.?
  4. Thanks Chris, very helpful for a newcomer to this venue - hope to see you there tomorrow morning!
  5. Just watched it having seen it on Facebook, very nice! Look forward to the full film.
  6. I'm hoping my WindGuru forecast is correct and most of the rain is Saturday, with maybe a little later on Sunday. If not, the Esprit might get a bit wet, and need another wash!
  7. Do I fight the Blackwall Tunnel in evening traffic (again...) to try and make it?! Will ask the wife for permission :-).
  8. Trying to summarise the list as it stands, and add myself to it: ChrisJ Spyros Steve44 Faye2000 Top-plumber Boostmacher PaulB
  9. Great to meet you George, and much better pictures than mine! Will have to remember to bring a decent camera next time, and we need to do an Esprit lineup too, that was a very good idea.
  10. Many thanks Chris for organising today - the weather just about held out for us! Was wonderful to attend my first event with my fairly recently acquired S3 HC NA, meet some great people and see a range of both classic and modern Lotuses. Thanks to all for the various tips and pieces of advice - all very welcome as a newcomer to owning a 34 year old Esprit. Looking forward to the next one, and hoping I can make it - will check the calendar as soon as the date is announced. A couple of photos off my phone from this morning, as I forgot to bring a proper camera.
  11. I'll be coming out of Canary Wharf so will head straight there, hopefully in the Esprit. Even if it is raining a bit will be a useful leak test as it hasn't really been driven in the rain yet!
  12. I was about to ask what other people are thinking for Sunday. My forecast seems to think the heavy rain should go through Saturday night, and by breakfast time will hopefully be light rain at most, although clearly the roads will still be very wet. Unless it's absolutely tipping it down, I'm still hoping to make it as my first event - just means I'll have to wash the car again afterwards :-).
  13. London to Kettering was indeed successfully completed last Sunday, although the car got very slightly rained on while parked up there for the day (and I forgot to take photos by the water!). So combined with the 200 mile return journey needed a wash, which I quickly did at lunchtime today as it was so nice outside, and just popped to the garage to fill it up ready for the next adventure. It did 30mpg by my calculation so very happy with that, and definitely more economical than taking the main car, so man maths wins... Hopefully taking it out tomorrow for two visits in London and Kent, which makes it a very enjoyable day out of the office. Looking forward to the North Weald meet in a few weeks too, let's hope the better weather stays around for that.
  14. Will be my first meet since buying my S3 HC, looking forward to it! ChrisJ Sparky John D Paul B
  15. Thanks all - it hadn't alerted me to these last few posts, so I missed them. Skiing - yes, I'm not usually a black car fan at all but for this shape I think it works really well. I certainly hope to join a local meet up soon, or just shout if you want to see it to help make your colour decision, we're only just off Canary Wharf, and it's quite often driving around the vicinity at the moment on any possible errand... Ramjet - I remember when I first showed an Esprit to me wife and she didn't like the shape at all, regardless of colour. Thankfully in the few years since she now thinks it's really striking as well, and prefers it to the alternative Porsches and the like I was also looking at! Slewthy - great to hear of more black S3's! Yes, the wheels are definitely on my list to do at some point, as two of them have a few marks. I did find some old photos of mine from the 90's where a previous owner had red centres - I keep looking at those photos, but think that's maybe a bit too much red, as the stripes by themselves are quite delicate. I do like the diamond cut rims though, will eventually get some quotes for mine, even if I do stay with silver centres. If the weather holds out on Sunday I'm hoping for a London to Kettering run as it's first longer distance test, as I'm due there for some voluntary work with the Sea Cadets. Fingers' crossed (for the weather, not the car!).
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