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  1. Apologies for missing today, I'd definitely have done Little Easton again as it was a lovely venue, just sadly this one collided exactly with my wife's birthday! Will hopefully make one of the next breakfast meets - I suspect personally I'd struggle for a Thursday evening meet given our location and baby duties, but will keep my eyes open.
  2. Many thanks to Megan and Dave for such a wonderful breakfast in amazing surroundings - the hospitality was much appreciated. I ended up behind Chris on the way in, and snapped a few very dodgy photos through the windscreen. I so rarely see an Esprit in motion "in the wild", it was really enjoyable!
  3. Sadly that's the exact day of my wife's birthday, so don't think I'll be successful in getting a pass for that one! A shame, as I enjoyed it last time, they had a god mix of cars, and a lovely setting.
  4. Thanks Chris for all the comms today to organise us all, and Dave/Megan for such a wonderful offer in an emergency! Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.
  5. ChrisJ Woodie neilreid faye2000 Dave & Megan Paul B
  6. Thanks all for a great morning in the sunshine, and to Chris for organising - sorry we missed you this time! Was great to have four black Esprits in a line, we need to do a proper photoshoot with them another time... A few pics from my incredibly bad phone camera attached, as I forgot to bring a proper camera. I then tested fitting a baby seat when I got home, so hopefully tomorrow I can deliver him to nursery by Esprit on the way to teaching with a local Scout group.
  7. I should be able to make this one - looking forward to being able to attend a meet after missing the last few!
  8. We've sadly ended up down in Dorset this weekend with the baby instead, I hope it all goes well and I'll hopefully make the next one!
  9. When researching my Esprit I found these period pics of it with an interesting/controversial (delete as appropriate) choice of wheel centre colour!
  10. I wouldn't rule out the later TD5 Defenders at least if you don't get the Grenadier. I ran a 2003 110 TD5 SW my main car for nearly 10 years, and that engine was brilliant. So much more pleasant and refined to drive on longer journeys than the previous 200/300 TDI's, no issues on motorways at all, and super reliable (other than the very early 1999-ish engines which had plastic head locating studs). Was very sad to let it go, but that was a condition of marriage to swap it for a Range Rover!
  11. Happy New Year! Assuming I make it back from Russia this weekend, I'm sadly on a boat survey next weekend, so won't be able to make this one, but hope it all goes well.
  12. Likewise, I think I've only ever seen an Esprit in the wild twice in my life. I'm out pretty regularly over this way in mine though, and the Blackwall Tunnel approach always seems to be the place people catch me for a chat! Definitely, would be great to meet up somewhere in the New Year and see your car too.
  13. Simon - I assume it was you I bumped in to queuing for the Blackwall Tunnel in your lovely Vantage? Strangely there were two Lotus Christmas parties on the same night only a few miles apart in Kent (kind of like buses coming along in pairs I suppose), and I was going to the other one with the North Kent group in my Esprit!
  14. I'm surprised I didn't hear that from the M11, I must have had the radio on!
  15. Great to meet everyone again and see some new faces/cars. A lovely characterful venue, and glad we could all park together! A few pics from me attached. Likewise, I had similar comments from the gate staff, they'd love to see us back again and were very happy with the self-organised group of cars that just parked up with no fuss! The lady promised if we email (again) next time they'd make sure there's a suitable space for us.
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