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  1. Sadly I can't make this one either I'm afraid, as I need to get to Dorset on Sunday.
  2. Brilliant news, very glad it's performing as expected! I remember my first London traffic jam going right through the centre to Chiswick and crossing my fingers as the temp just edging above 90, until I heard the fans come on and saw the temp drop a bit back to 90.
  3. Lovely selection, a shame I missed it.
  4. Was that the first major trip in it Spyros? I hope it all went well! It certainly looks lovely, will hopefully see it at a future meet.
  5. I can't speak for an S2, but I'm a touch over 6ft and have no issues at all with my S3. It's clearly never going to be as roomy as a Range Rover, but I did 240 miles in mine last weekend without any complaints (other than the headlight switch melting at midnight on the M3...). If you like the look of the Giugiaro designs, I'd certainly sit in some and test drive them before you rule them out!
  6. Do you know what model/vintage Esprit you're interested in? I'm unlikely to be down in Sussex with the car in the near future, but if you're ever up in London you'd be very welcome to drive my S3 HC NA.
  7. Spyros - have you tried phoning some of the usual suppliers? I thought SJ's had some "normal" ones for G-cars as well as the 25 anniversary ones posted further up. In my relatively short ownership experience I've been finding that many of these Lotus specialists often have things hiding on a shelf that aren't on the website, so definitely worth a couple of calls! I have some protectors on my HC etched "Esprit HC", but no idea where they are from sadly. And whilst they do protect the sills, sadly they don't protect the outer edges which seems to be where most of the wear happens...
  8. Jon - yes, will hopefully attend some future events too, and will sort out membership shortly. That pair certainly didn't need to do any work on your very shiny engine, they could have cleaned up mine though while they were there! Ramjet - thanks, I'm still trying to work out the best angles for an Esprit, and the light that day was very annoying... Basalte - I loved the Citroen stand and their presentation through the decades, that was really interesting and nicely put together.
  9. Definitely no official Lotus presence (and no Emira) at the British Motor Show currently on a Farnborough. I was there on Thursday exhibiting with my Esprit (see attached thread) as part of the Lotus stand put together by the North Kent Lotus Group who were asked to attend to fly the Lotus banner. I did think overall it was a reasonable show though with plenty of variety. )
  10. I had a great day out on Thursday with Jon, Michelle and the North Kent group at the British Motor Show, taking my Esprit HC there from London. Jon and Michelle had managed to pull together a nice mix of Lotus cars for the stand, and I thought the show itself had good variety across classics, modern, supercars etc., both indoors and outdoors, with plenty of things happening throughout the day in the arenas and presentation areas. Many thanks for the invite, was great to meet everyone.
  11. Likewise, I've only had my 1987 Esprit since the start of the year so nothing like the long ownership of Chris to compare with, but no issues yet in 1500 miles of usage, both crawling around London in endless traffic and on proper drives! I'd similarly wanted one and looked at them for years, kept convincing myself I didn't need one, looked at other more modern cars, but eventually took the plunge during COVID. Personally I think the "old car" reputation (for pretty much any old car) tends to come when they are sat in a garage for 99% of their life unused, and then suddenly expected to be perfect on the odd sunny day they are driven. If you use it regularly and maintain it, there's no real reason it shouldn't be as (or more) reliable than a far more complicated modern car.
  12. Sounds great, look forward to seeing some pictures of the event! I sadly won't be able to make it this time, but will definitely try in the future if it takes place again.
  13. Where "installing it" = praying all your measurements were correct and it will just squeeze in with a few centimetres to spare! At least, that was what my version of this was when my car arrived, and the delivery driver wasn't convinced it would go in...
  14. That black S3 popped up on my Ebay alerts yesterday too and looks quite nice, and sounds like it's had a lot of work done recently. What did you think, if you did manage to go and see it?
  15. This one seems to be back up for sale as well, having apparently recently sold from Cotswolds Classic Cars, where it had certainly been advertised last year when I was looking:
  16. Really enjoyed it, great video - nicely filmed/orchestrated, and some great cars of course :-).
  17. Yes, completely understood - I'll go for semi-immaculate, if there is such a thing! How do you deal with minor stone chips/scratches - do you go for PPF or something, or just end up touching up paintwork as needed? Or are just exceedingly lucky in driving and never get one?! Will look forward to seeing yours when you find one though, as it's clearly going to be an exceedingly good example 🙂
  18. That's been my approach as I bought my S3 to drive and use it, which means it will sadly pick up the odd chip/scratch/ding however careful I am with it. To be fair overall it's very good condition, and I do my best to keep it that way and make improvements where I can, but I definitely have a bit of a gel crack in one spot on the rear bumper. If it gets a load worse, or I end up with more of them, fine, I'd get them done, but for now I'll live with the odd blemish in a 35 year old car! I appreciate some people want a 100% perfect car though, which would indeed be lovely 🙂 Spyros - having seen your comment about the roof line I had a look at mine when putting it back in the garage at lunch today and took a couple of (bad, given the light) photos, and seems similar, widening slightly as it goes to the rear (a bit harder to see on a black car though!).
  19. Have only just seen this thread, but afraid that was me - I bought the black S3 HC NA back in March/April, but it was still "for sale" until about last week on the website! There's certainly some interesting prices being advertised for S3 NA's at the moment - not sure that 1981 red one in Poole actually sold though? It had been advertised several times on here/CarAndClassic/Autotrader for about £40k, and then ended up at auction on CarAndClassic, but don't think it met it's reserve. Good luck with your search - I was in your shoes a year ago and took several attempts to find the car I ended up with, but super happy with it so far!
  20. Stunning shots, love the drone ones too - a much bigger place than I expected, and a great mix of cars! Hopefully there'll be a repeat at some stage and I'll be able to make it down.
  21. From my previous chat with Jacob on Instagram, I think he's in Australia, so sadly unlikely to make our Herts/Cambs/Essex meets! Would also explain why the decals are taking their time to arrive from the UK...! Driving around Australia sounds much better than my usual trips in the middle of London though 🙂
  22. Thanks for showing us what we missed, looks like a great turn out - so annoyed I missed it. Hopefully another time!
  23. Sadly only just stopped heaving it down here and given the amount of water on the roads after an entire afternoon of rain am not massively keen to take the Esprit out! So together with baby duties I'm clearly not going to make it tonight unfortunately - I hope everyone enjoys.
  24. Pretty torrential rain in London at the moment and heading towards Maidstone! I'm hoping it might stop in the next hour and I could set off...
  25. We've obviously met on Instagram, but snap - great to see you here too as another recent black S3 HC NA owner!
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