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  1. Happy New Year! Assuming I make it back from Russia this weekend, I'm sadly on a boat survey next weekend, so won't be able to make this one, but hope it all goes well.
  2. Likewise, I think I've only ever seen an Esprit in the wild twice in my life. I'm out pretty regularly over this way in mine though, and the Blackwall Tunnel approach always seems to be the place people catch me for a chat! Definitely, would be great to meet up somewhere in the New Year and see your car too.
  3. Simon - I assume it was you I bumped in to queuing for the Blackwall Tunnel in your lovely Vantage? Strangely there were two Lotus Christmas parties on the same night only a few miles apart in Kent (kind of like buses coming along in pairs I suppose), and I was going to the other one with the North Kent group in my Esprit!
  4. I'm surprised I didn't hear that from the M11, I must have had the radio on!
  5. Great to meet everyone again and see some new faces/cars. A lovely characterful venue, and glad we could all park together! A few pics from me attached. Likewise, I had similar comments from the gate staff, they'd love to see us back again and were very happy with the self-organised group of cars that just parked up with no fuss! The lady promised if we email (again) next time they'd make sure there's a suitable space for us.
  6. I'll hopefully be there tomorrow 08:45ish, will look out for fellow Lotus vehicles.
  7. Thanks for confirming Chris - I've registered directly as well,
  8. Would have loved to come and meet some new faces, but the North Kent Lotus Group are also having their Christmas dinner that very same evening just down the road in Hadlow, and I booked in for that one earlier this week.
  9. I have permission from the wife/baby, so I should hopefully be there. Chris - do you think we all need to individually RSVP on the Little Easton website itself?
  10. I'm back from holiday (assuming we can still go) by then, so I'd be up for that if I can get permission from the wife for a few hours off baby duties, having missed the last two meets!
  11. Thanks for confirming Bibs - I might have to try one of the dealers then to get my hands on a new cap!
  12. Thanks, yes - just thought I'd ask in case it had already been mentioned! Will see what my wife thinks, and if I might be allowed to escape baby duties for an Aventure will contact Hugues.
  13. Is there an indication of what region yet? I do love the sound of it, having read your write up and been following on Facebook too!
  14. When I took my Defender for an off-road expedition in the Pyrenees a few years back, I chose to do the ferry route, in that case Plymouth -> Santander. I must admit I've never driven all the way through France, but the ferry seemed like a nice option to avoid what would otherwise be a very long drive over several days, with toll roads and hotel costs, etc. So I decided the extra bit for the ferry was worth it, and gave a far more relaxed and pleasant start/end to the trip. It's not exactly a luxury cruise ship, but it's not bad, and we certainly had some enjoyable food and drink onboard, and got a decent sleep in small cabin. I'd very happily do the same route again for future trips in that direction.
  15. I see on Instagram a post from Hendy in Exeter indicating there's a new range of Lotus clothing/merchandise available - is that coming to the TLF shop too?
  16. Sorry, I'm out teaching with the Sea Cadets up in Kettering that day so will sadly miss it. Even though I will be passing right by on the M11 as I come out of London (and hopefully in the Lotus if the weather is okay), but given I need to be up in Kettering for 09:00 it would have to be a very early breakfast indeed! I'll hopefully be around for the next one.
  17. Sadly I can't make this one either I'm afraid, as I need to get to Dorset on Sunday.
  18. Brilliant news, very glad it's performing as expected! I remember my first London traffic jam going right through the centre to Chiswick and crossing my fingers as the temp just edging above 90, until I heard the fans come on and saw the temp drop a bit back to 90.
  19. Lovely selection, a shame I missed it.
  20. Was that the first major trip in it Spyros? I hope it all went well! It certainly looks lovely, will hopefully see it at a future meet.
  21. I can't speak for an S2, but I'm a touch over 6ft and have no issues at all with my S3. It's clearly never going to be as roomy as a Range Rover, but I did 240 miles in mine last weekend without any complaints (other than the headlight switch melting at midnight on the M3...). If you like the look of the Giugiaro designs, I'd certainly sit in some and test drive them before you rule them out!
  22. Do you know what model/vintage Esprit you're interested in? I'm unlikely to be down in Sussex with the car in the near future, but if you're ever up in London you'd be very welcome to drive my S3 HC NA.
  23. Spyros - have you tried phoning some of the usual suppliers? I thought SJ's had some "normal" ones for G-cars as well as the 25 anniversary ones posted further up. In my relatively short ownership experience I've been finding that many of these Lotus specialists often have things hiding on a shelf that aren't on the website, so definitely worth a couple of calls! I have some protectors on my HC etched "Esprit HC", but no idea where they are from sadly. And whilst they do protect the sills, sadly they don't protect the outer edges which seems to be where most of the wear happens...
  24. Jon - yes, will hopefully attend some future events too, and will sort out membership shortly. That pair certainly didn't need to do any work on your very shiny engine, they could have cleaned up mine though while they were there! Ramjet - thanks, I'm still trying to work out the best angles for an Esprit, and the light that day was very annoying... Basalte - I loved the Citroen stand and their presentation through the decades, that was really interesting and nicely put together.
  25. Definitely no official Lotus presence (and no Emira) at the British Motor Show currently on a Farnborough. I was there on Thursday exhibiting with my Esprit (see attached thread) as part of the Lotus stand put together by the North Kent Lotus Group who were asked to attend to fly the Lotus banner. I did think overall it was a reasonable show though with plenty of variety. )
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