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  1. Ah okay I'm no hater at all. I can't think of a single car other than the Evora that has 4 seats and is mid engined. I'd like to see Lotus invest some serious cash into the Evora but I believe it will be soon dropped.
  2. Thanks chaps. If an old S isn't going to be reliable I'll get a newer one, a daily for me needs to be reliable. If an Evora can't do that then I'll get a 911 instead. Which would be a shame. I strongly disagree with the ham fisted gear change comment, none of my lotuses have ever had what I would call a great gear change. They get worse when driving hard in my experience, maybe the Evora change is much better than the V6 Exige's change, I hope it is. Happy to try an NA, perhaps I wouldn't need an S. I do have a mclaren if I want scary acceleration. Problems do get blown out
  3. Yeah I think I'll need a supercharged version. I briefly had a V6 Exige when they first came out but it was a true friday afternoon car and I ended up returning it.
  4. Hi all, I've owned a few lotus's over the years, mainly Elises and Exiges. Now as the wife and I are expecting our first child it seems like a no brainer to get an Evora.. I'll admit I've never driven one or even sat in one, so would any honest input would be great. Especially the bad! Now while the wife has a Q5 which is fine for pretty much most journeys, she only really drives when I'm not around or when I've been drinking, so I am thinking I could purchase an Evora and use it has my daily driver, but also when going out with the wife/child. Firstly, to do this successfully
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