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  1. Agree on the likelihood that's cam covers or valve cover (or both) are likely the culprit for the white smoke as oil drips onto the exhaust manifold as it heats up. For the turbo actuator solenoid - ok, a couple of things: 1. You were spot on that the last picture shows the turbo actuator hose and it originates from the turbo actuator solenoid shown on the vacuum routing diagram on the engine cover lid. 2. According to the S4s shop manual and the engine cover lid vacuum routing diagram, the bottom of the turbo actuator solenoid should be routed to the turbo/waste gate actuato
  2. It was coming from the engine bay (left-hand side). White smoke that smelled of a strong burning odor. Not sure if it's oil burning or coolant. Good point. Will do. Thanks! Hmmm... could that also be why I am not getting full boost pressure? What should this turbo actuator hose be connected to?
  3. Hi all, I could really use some help...I haven't started my 1995 Esprit S4s for 6 months due to a never ending renovation (don't get me started on!). I had some time today to tend to it and replaced the spark plug wires, topped off the fluids (oil and coolant) and after about 5 min at idle, it started smoking. Any ideas on root cause? Also, while replacing the spark plug wires, I noticed two hoses unconnected to anything....! Not sure if this is how they always were or have they become disconnected recently. I didn't see any fluid leaking from either hose while the car was
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