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  1. Would you say it’s a well priced car and the seller is willing to have a health check complete at a well known Lotus dealer included for peace of mind as it’s impossible to get to see it at the moment.
  2. This was listed a few days ago New&onesearchad=New
  3. You are trying to sell me this right Barry . “Never raced but has been off road a few times” Hope your spare tyres are mud grippers, that also explains the chickens in the video
  4. Thanks all for the replies so far. Barry’s car looks spot on with lovely miles too so will definitely consider it. I am flexible on most things to be fair. I’ve chased the big bhp numbers with my last car being a Litchfield tuned R35 GTR. Enjoyed it but never loved it. Being only 20 mins from Brecon and having some other great roads here a well sorted chassis, noise and sense of accession is what it’s all about for me now.
  5. Hi All, great forum with so much information it’s kept me rather sane during lockdown in Wales, followed by self isolating and now more lockdown. If this year has taught me anything it’s that life can turn around In an instant so after 3 years without a toy I’m back on the hunt and I’ve settled on an Evora. I’m not chasing bhp and have settled on an NA car as it won’t be used daily and I believe it’s a good solid depreciation. Ive read buyers guides and posts on here and elsewhere so I’m confident I know what to look for. I’d prefer a real enthusiast owned car as oppo
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