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  1. First day of cleaning and driving since buying it. Can’t wait to put some miles on it. Such a pretty car these 😍
  2. Spark plugs arrived today thanks to SJ Sports Cars. Just completed the replacement. New Wiper Blade and updated the Sony head unit software and filled her up. May use it back and forth work for the next few days instead of my daily commuting smart car. Don’t judge 😳
  3. May send it off for some extra padding then, I do find it very skinny. That being said I’ve driven the car once to date!!
  4. So my monthly Evo magazine landed today and look what was included. This will be a good read with my coffee tomorrow morning
  5. Nope that’s not a sticky starter motor. There’s not enough power on the battery to turn the car over. Sounds like unless you’re fitting cheap nasty batteries, you have a parasitic draw of some kind draining the battery. Are all the interior lights, boot lights, head unit, all off? You haven’t mistakenly left something on? If not then any decent auto electrician can do a draw test for you.
  6. How are you finding the feel of the alcantara? The car I bought had the wheel trimmed already but I’m thinking of having the 9 and 3 positions in perforated leather and slightly thicker. I’m not sure this is real alcantara mind.
  7. It likely Autotrader has told him to alter the price. If a few similar cars have sold their algorithm and software will tell the dealer if the car is too cheap, fair or overpriced. With the sort of cars we have being in limited supply its likely prices will fluctuate and they’ll price check and adjust weekly. I doubt they’re reacting to the news and pre-emoting a price hike boom.
  8. Honestly a true night and day difference.
  9. So new front tyres went on today. The pirellis were 2015 corsas with 3mm tread which had gone hard and was causing the car to tramline horrendously. New Michelin’s and it drives superb and I actually had a decent drive home this afternoon. Ive added a trickle charger today along with cleaning the MAF Sensor, throttle body and new boot struts. I noticed a damp patch in the driver side rear footwell so pulled out the interior, dried it out and did a hose test. Passenger door seal is the culprit so I’ll order 2 new ones and maybe pull off the door card and see if the membrane is intact as I know it’s had a a recent window regulator at Oakmere. Nothing on the invoice to say that was replaced so no doubt it’s been ductaped. Lotus ownership certainly is different and unlike my normal purchases. Quite enjoying getting on the spanner’s again. My power flex ARBs arrived today so my next weekend off (in 2 weeks) and I’ll get those jobs done ✅ May also do a plug change but the bank closest to the rear bumper looks tight.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve always ran Michelin’s also but as my fronts are perished and low I was going to replace fronts only with Michelin’s but leave the P Zeros which are brand new on the rear for now. They aren’t the Corsas on the rear but PZero so I’ll see how I get on. I’ll replace the rears when I get used to the car so they all match
  11. I’ll mainly be using the car for road usage maybe one weekend a month if I’m lucky. I think I’ll get the Michelin fronts sorted for now and get to know the car a bit and then replace all 4 next year. Shame the rears are literally brand new or I would have done all 4. I won’t get the car near the limits of these tyres as I’m no Sterling Moss 😂.
  12. So after a quick spin out in horrendous conditions yesterday the cars front end wanted to follow every grove on the road and tramlined on poor roads surfaces. The front tyres were confirmed as 2-3mm on inner shoulders when I had it inspected. They also has some cracking to the outer shoulder so they need to go. My go to on all my cars has always been the Michelin Pilot Sports but I have a new set of Pirelli’s on the rear and having different brands can sometimes upset a car. Has anyone mixed these two at all or should I just replace with the Pirelli’s?
  13. 😂😂😂😂 I’ll get at it next weekend and lube it up a bit. Everything’s better with lube 👀
  14. So just took it out for a spin for fuel and went along the local coast road. The things is excellent and the noise is superb. Few niggles, it tramlines quite a bit but I’ve noticed the front tyres aren’t the best so a fresh set and an alignment should cure most of that. Wiper is making a creaking noise so I guess that needs greasing. Great first little outing and the first time I’ve driven one. It’s a very different experience.
  15. Yea its my first lotus. Been fortunate to own many different cars but wanted something more interesting. Not driven it yet but hoping for some decent weather and an end to lockdown soon. Would be great to meet some fellow owners in and around the area 👍
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