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  1. I just ordered them...came to a grand total of £41 delivered! It doesn't get much better value than that if they work as well as they did in your photos. I will do a before/after shot as well so everyone can see the results. Cheers PJ and Zam for your helpful comments!
  2. Hi PJ, thanks for the feedback. I'm going to give these a try, they look great! Would you mind confirming the socket type and colour you bought from the ALI Express listing? I assume you changed both the DIP and High Beam bulbs? They take up to 40 days to be delivered so don't want to order the wrong ones! James
  3. Looks much better! Which bulbs did you go with? Were they difficult to fit? What's the range like?
  4. Hi guys, does anyone know If it’s possible to order this anywhere? See photo attached...
  5. I have to say yours do look good. The colour/brightness looks spot on. Would you mind posting the link to the exact bulbs you used please? I assume you replace dip and main beam? james
  6. Hi Guys, I just picked up a 2017 350 sport. Lovely car but absolutely terrible headlights. After collecting it on a damp winter night I decided immediately that something needed to be done about the lack of visibility from the stock bulbs. Has someone found a xenon HID lighting kit Or LEDs that fits easily and works well on the S3 Exige? Reading these threads I can’t see anything where people are claiming they happy with their attempts at a solution. James
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