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  1. Here is the data from the Gov.Uk site for the VRM, and apparently the last MOT was passed in 2012, and expired in 2013 and no records since. So it must have been taken off the road by then.
  2. Been having a read through this thread, and wonder if this could be it? Seems to have hints of the Bronze (chocolate brown) and red paint on it. Will keep track of that thread.
  3. Cheers. Attached are two photos I have of the Esprit, one with a friend of my dad's sitting in it.... If it helps anyone who may know of the car, the last 3 letters of the VRM are 'MMY' and it was more of a private plate than standard for 1978. The car was in Newcastle upon Tyne when my Dad owned it.
  4. Hi, Doing some research, and trying to find my dad's old Lotus Esprit S2, which he owned for about 4 years in the mid 1980's, when I was a boy. It started my love for the Esprit, but sadly I'm yet to own one myself. When he bought it, it was the metallic chocolate Brown colour, with tan leather seats, and the brown suede like finish to the dashboard. The Speedline wheels were painted gold. He then had it resprayed in red, and the wheels painted silver. At the time, he used it as his main car, but after a minor road accident in it (a car hit the nearside front corner), he had it repaired but decided it was too much of a liability as an everyday car, and got rid of it, as he had nowhere to store it as a second car. I did a search on Free Car Check website for the registration plate it had when he sold it, and it appeared - it seems it still exists, has the same VRM, and has been Sorn since 2013. I purchased the report for it, but it gives little real details other than the figures. Its on its 9th owner now, and was first registered in August 1978. It isn't marked as scrapped or exported, so believe its still somewhere in the UK. Would love to know if anyone knows this car, or even owns it and what condition its now in. It could be rotting in a garage/barn somewhere and be an ideal project, but could also be stored and looked after. I only have one or two photos of it when it was Brown, but none of it as I last remember it in red, which its supposedly still is now. Can provide the registration mark is needed or allowed, but will withhold for now. Cheers for any advice/info offered. 🤞 MJ
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