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  1. Aussie and sophisticated dont belong in the same sentence!
  2. Just bought this. I know its a car park! We are still in lockdown and I was desperate to drive it, so I took her grocery shopping!
  3. Love mine! It is amazing now the number of glowing YouTube reviews of the GT. For some, it may be the info required, but too late. Which is good for current Evora owners! I just bought an S3 Elise. The two cars could not be any more different. I've always said, in a way, the success of Elise/Exige has been to the detriment of Evora and the Lotus brand in general. At least for the younger generation. I know some Elise/Exige owners in their 20's and 30's who dont know the history of Lotus before Elise and that much to Colin Chapman's wishes, the Esprit was very much an upmarket GT car designed to compete with Porsche and Ferrari. Over at Aussie Elises there isnt a great deal of understanding about Evora and Emira (and dont even know about Europa S!), and many complaints they arent built to the Lotus ethos. Which I find baffling that even those that own Elise/Exige dont understand that Lotus have always wanted a more upmarket GT car. I did a quick Google for the GT4. Not sure if its an accurate resource but gives an idea of top speed per gear - @blindside - side by side, how does the gearing suitability for B roads compare?
  4. Did you not receive or read my PMs? You have yet to respond to me despite my offers to help and my "friendly nudge" to SSC as per your OP. I told them about your post last Thursday and was told someone will look after you. I'd be very surprised if they have yet to attempt to contact you by now. Perhaps you have missed their call or emails?
  5. Welcome! Was that an intentionally patriotic colour choice to complement the Commodore?
  6. The fact youtube provides a warning gives you an idea...
  7. Yan

    Richard Hammond

    I think its called advertising
  8. I never really thought about this, but it's true. I am fortunate to live 5 minutes away from my dealer. Had I test driven around my traffic congested suburbs I probably would have been underwhelmed. However my first experience of driving the Evora was on a supercar drive day on some of the best country roads outside of the city. The fact I drove it back to back with some other more expensive machines that didn't drive any better absolutely sealed it for me. I've always scratched my head wondering why others don't feel the same. Unless you have a very well trained seat meter, it's because of the nature of the test drive. A 20 minute cautious jaunt in traffic isn't going to seal it for most people. A Porsche in that environment will win every time. Lotus cars need to be tested in their natural element, that is, on track for Elise/Exige, and country B roads for Evora/Emira.
  9. Meanwhile... I pick up my son from school... "aw, what!? Why'd you bring that? Couldn't you just bring the other car?". 😳 I start the engine. Son slouches lower in seat covering his face a little. "does it have to be so loud when it starts!?". 🙄 Yes, son. It does. 😁 We weren't even near the school gate. Next time I'll have to pick him up right outside the gate and give it a good rev when we leave. 🤣
  10. Should have asked them to test out the back seat. 😜
  11. The oversimplified view of the Supra is its a BMW Z4 with a roof. Its not just got the engine, it IS a BMW. Built in the same place (Austria), has the same interior, iDrive control, etc. Much like the Toyota 86 (GT86) is a Subaru BRZ. Exact. Same. Car.
  12. Has anyone here driven an M139 engined car in lots of different scenarios? Main question is - how laggy is it? Reading the internets says there is a noticeable perception of lag. Its all over the Merc forums.
  13. Welcome! I had an F80 M3 as a daily. If the Emira drives anything like the Evora (it should be even better), it will be worlds away from the M4.
  14. LOL. Similar thing happened to me (not the bit about the pills!). I was testing out the loud button on a B road that is traditionally full of cyclists in the morning. Being a cyclist myself, I am always cautious on this road. I was going the posted speed limit, in 2nd gear. One of the peloton shouts out "slow down"! Seriously mate, wasnt anywhere near speeding! 🙄 My car sounds glorious though! 😁
  15. Wow. Great news for those with deposits. Makes sense now given what we know about Evora.
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