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  1. If that gets the publicity by making the type of statement the world wants, I think fair enough. I do hope it will have the halo effect on the Emira and subsequent cars.
  2. Exactly ☝ I already have a fast car, don't really need another. By special occasions I mean exactly what you said. Driving with mates to cars and coffee after a brisk trip on a country road. Fair call on the M100. Sounds like a great car, though I do have a soft spot for the NA/NB MX5. Have you ever compared your M100 vs MX5? I'd like to pootle about for my own entertainment. Some situations the Evora is just too fast. I am leaning towards an Elan. Going sideways at slower speeds around a track sounds like the fun I'm after. I've been told the +2 130 is a better drive than the 2 seat
  3. Elan relative to the Evora GT430. The Evora has almost double the power to weight ratio. But yeah, the Elan doesn't exactly hang around on twisty roads.
  4. Actually, the 60s/70s original. TBH, I'd rather an MX5 than the M100. It'll be a very occasional car. I have an RS Clio III as a daily and a GT430 Sport Evora for go fast moods. The third car will just be for special occasions. I'm prepared for it to be off the road occasionally, but don't want it to be a pain in the butt. I do love the Esprit looks, however I'm more into the drive rather than presence. I just sold an Audi R8. People can't stop gawking at that thing.
  5. For those that have both - can you please share your ownership experiences and likes/dislikes of each? I know they are completely different cars. I have been thinking of getting an Esprit, as that was one of the poster cars of my childhood, however, I've been thinking - do I really need another fast car? One that is older and wont be as accomplished as my Evora? So then I was thinking, why not go for a slow, fun car? I previously had 2 MX5's, so was thinking of getting back into one, but then I thought, why not the original, an Elan? Or am I just up for constant maintenance issues gi
  6. Does anyone else think the SF90 looks like an Evora?
  7. Yan

    TLF GT430 Club

    I based my number off posts in this very thread on 28 March by @Xynagy and @Birtyboy. Also not downplaying the aero added to the GT430, however those can easily be retrofitted, perhaps most difficult would be the vents above the front wheel arches. Do agree the downforce makes significant differences in high speed corners. Mine has the wider rear wheels already. Either way, they're rare and IMHO, very special cars indeed.
  8. Yan

    TLF GT430 Club

    If you go back about 2 pages in this thread there are 2 posts that say there are 45 LHD, and the other says 25 in the UK. If we assume those numbers include the wingless Sport, then that's 39 LHD, 24 UK. Add to that the 4 in Australia. So that's at least 67 GT430. Only other markets outside Europe, UK, Australia I assume would be Japan, New Zealand and South Africa for RHD. Edit: re-reading the earlier post, the LHD number makes no mention of Europe, so I'm now assuming 45 LHD worldwide. Either way, there's more than 60 GT430s. My CoP specifically calls out numbers excluding th
  9. Love a good Renaultsport. Here's mine at a recent track day held by Renaultsport specialists here in Sydney - Renotech.
  10. Yan

    TLF GT430 Club

    Received my CoP today. I had previously discovered mine is the only GT430 Sport in Australia. Now I know these are even more rare than I first thought. #1 of 8 production models. There's another Fire Red example somewhere in the world, though the interior trim is different. Are you out there dear twin?
  11. Yan

    Evora for rent?

    What helped my decision to buy mine was a supercar drive day that featured the Evora, AMG GT-R, Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan. I had already set my sights on an Evora but that day sealed it for me, as I could compare it to some pretty exotic machinery. Perhaps there's an operator in the UK that does something similar?
  12. The MCM Exige is being auctioned here - Will be interesting to see what the final sale figure will be.
  13. Personally I've never liked the look of the 911 and all current Porsches have the same design language. But that's just opinion. What is objective though is I drove a near new 991.2 GT3 RS and its TPMS was faulty. Kept beeping at me even though tyre pressure measured and correct. So much for build quality. Ironically, when people hear road noise in a GT3 RS they think it's cool cos it's a stripped out racer for the road. When they hear the same road noise in an Exige it's because Lotus cheaped out. This is what irks me. Its the perception that Porsche can do no wrong. They're great c
  14. Similar experiences here in the colony. People take journo reviews as gospel, and so, perpetuate the myth. Over here we get Japanese cars at lower price points. People seem to think price is an indicator of quality, so when they pay the exorbitant mark ups the big German manufacturers ask here, they think they have the most reliable car in the world. Google Aussie prices for the Porker range and you'll be amazed at the price premium here. Yet, naive car loving non-enthusiaats are fooled by the journo touting the famed quality. I wouldn't blame the dentist who buys one. He's just done what
  15. Yan


    Over here in Australia Exige prices are going ballistic, partly due to Mighty Car Mods. I dont think older Exiges will be ever going down in price. If you're looking for a 4 seater with cramped rear seats (911), why not consider the Evora? You get the famed Lotus handling and squishy back seats as well! Win, win!
  16. If I had the big wing I think the bogans around here would vandalise my car! It stands out enough as it is. Aussies generally dont like ostentatiousness. Even though we had a guy named Austentatious back in the 80's!
  17. I read as many comparison reviews as I could before buying mine. It's funny that all reviews mention how great the feel and/or handling of the Evora is, yet, it is never the winner due to whatever "practical" measure. Anyway, back on topic
  18. I think there were 11 Evoras sold in Oz over the last 2 years. 9 in 2019 and only 2 in 2020, unless some more sold since December 2020. And yes, 4 GT430's and 1 GT430 Sport.
  19. Just picked up my car from the detailer. Ceramic coating done. Will try grab better pics over the weekend.
  20. Thanks all. Pics will come after it gets a ceramic coating and a good wash. I'm busy this weekend so it may be some time before I post my own pics. I've ordered a certificate of provenance and I'm told it will state 1 of 1. In the meantime, here's a pic from the dealer
  21. Hello, I finally picked up my Fire Red Evora GT430 Sport. Simply Sports Cars tell me I have 1 of 1 such cars in Australia! 😎 Four GT430's made it to Australia.
  22. I'm quite amazed at the cross over between Renault Sport and Lotus owners. Perhaps I shouldnt be, as both focus on driver involvement above all else. Funny you mention the attention the V6 Clio gets. I was at a private car event with lots of really nice stuff and a Clio V6 had far more attention than everything there, including a Ferrari 488 Pista. I have a regular RS Clio III and finally pick up my Evora on Monday. So excited. 😃
  23. Yan

    TLF GT430 Club

    How many GT430 and GT430 Sports have been produced? Initial press reports indicate 60 of each, however Lotus in Australia have told me these are in no way a limited number car. Is that right? Are Lotus still producing them? If so, does anyone know the current production figures?
  24. A bit late to the party, but for what its worth... I have a Gen 1 R8 V8 (well, the wife does). It's a much better car than a mates same vintage 997. It can crawl around in traffic, it is seriously quick on a country back round, and it sounds much better doing it. Certainly looks much better than a 911, and not that I care, but it also gets much more positive attention than the 911. Only thing it loses out to a 911 is it is less practical. I'm not a fan of the Gen 2 R8's looks, I think Audi are trying too hard to hit the market that the Lamborghini Huracan already reaches and should never
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