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  1. More photos from the Aussie "Alps".
  2. LOL, you guys are hilarious. The 996 owner loved it, but he liked the Cayman GT4 even better. He likes the directness and feedback the GT430 brings. He also had an S2 Exige previously, so he knows the Lotus vibe. I didn't have time to sample the GT4. A comparison I am looking forward to. The 991 owners also commented the GT430 felt lighter and was fast, and only seemed to go one speed - quick! I think they appreciate the dual personality of the GT3. But that comment on the all or nothing approach of the Evora is exactly why I love it. It feels special at any speed. Of the two GT3's, the 996 feels closer to the Evora than the 991. The 991 just feels too modern and disconnected for my liking, despite its genuine everyday usability. One guy who drove all the cars but owns neither Lotus nor Porsche is currently checking the Emira configurator. 😁
  3. Went for an epic 4 day journey through the Australian "Alps" (hills to the Europeans). Swapped cars with some 911 GT3 owners for some of it. They can keep their GT3's. Wow, the GT430 Sport is a much, much better drive than all of them. The 991.2 generation just felt heavy and sluggish to react in comparison, the 996.2 was fun, but slower. The Evora felt so much more nimble and connected when jumping back into it.
  4. Yan

    TLF GT430 Club

    Not sure if anyone is still looking, but this popped up Down Under...
  5. out and about this morning
  6. Pretty sure very few thieves understand the Lotus immobiliser. 😂
  7. I also have both. They're 2 very different cars. I can't choose between them. Not much out there feels like an Elise/Exige until you go to more extremes like a Caterham or X-Bow, etc The Evora is the pinnacle of road car for me. Evora I'd be happy driving everywhere. Elise only in certain circumstances, in the every day mundane it's quite miserable. I do wonder if V6 Exige is the best of both in the one package.
  8. Reports I have heard is that Evora has better driver engagement, Emira is more civilised. Depends on your priorities. If prices here in Oz reflect elsewhere, we are only seeing Evora prices going up, though with a potential worldwide recession looming, who knows where values are heading.
  9. thread revival... I'm guessing A128G0013F is the right part number. I have the same forged wheels in matte black. About to order some replacements. My question is - has anyone had luck keeping these little suckers in the wheels during track days? I have lost my front two. And to take them off/on during/after track days - how to do this while wheels are still bolted on? I only have the one set of wheels and could not be arsed taking them off the car. Seems a bit finicky to wedge something in the gap to pry them out all the time.
  10. That's a crazy price. How much are regular early Stevens turbo going for in the UK?
  11. Nah, the Cayman is a better car. I could have bought a Cayman GT4 instead of my Evora if the salesman wasn't such a tosser and actually let me test drive the thing. 🙄 Anyway, I was going to compare it to the Evora which I had already had my heart set on. The Emira will be an infinitely better road car. Porsche RS cars are too harsh for the road. I've driven a 911 991.2 GT3 RS on road, and as exciting and brilliant as it was on B roads for a day, I couldn't live with it on a daily basis. RS are track cars and you're better off with a regular GT4 for road use. The GT4 RS will no doubt be brilliant, but too harsh as a regular use road car.
  12. @C8RKH asked for photos in another thread. Thought I'd put them here rather than pollute the other thread. Photos from Targa High Country in Victoria, Australia. Last pic shows one of the four GT430 in Australia and my GT430 Sport.
  13. In all honesty, I prefer my Evora GT430 Sport over the 570S. Yes the 570S is fun at full tilt, but boy that's some serious speed to get anywhere near its limits. At sane speeds its kinda... boring. Just like the Ferrari 488 I drove on the same day, the Macca is just too civilised at normal speeds. An Evora on the other hand, still feels special at regular (legal) speeds. If you like everyone staring at you, go ahead, get the Macca. But if you're in it for the driving experience, get an Evora whilst you wait for an Emira. I have also owned a few Renaultsport cars and still have one as a daily. I am yet to drive an A110 (I am promised a go in one by a mate), but if its like my daily Megane RS280, it'll be very refined around town, fun at speed on B roads, but not raw enough like a Lotus. The EDC gearbox is very good, in fact, I rate it better than BMW's DCT, but if you like heel and toe you will be disappointed.
  14. I did the tour. One of the most memorable events I have done. Will aim to do the big one - Tasmania, soon.
  15. Would this size combo work on an S3: Front - 205/55R15 (-1.2% diameter compared to OEM) Rear - 225/60R15 (-1.9% diameter compared to OEM) I would rather matching patterns front to rear than absolute correct sizing, and a tyre categorised as "performance" rather than "eco". Kumho ECSTA HS51 have a 88V front (AUD176) and a 96W rear (AUD197) rated tyre. They call it a Ultra High Performance tyre that provides comfort and high performance. Sounds like a win to me.
  16. Yan

    TLF GT430 Club

    I've updated the GT430 Sport list based on the info on my CoP and the image @Black Forest Power put up in this thread some time ago. There are: 2 RHD (UK, Australia) 6 LHD (2 Germany, 2 France, 1 Switzerland, 1 Belgium)
  17. How did you and two Aussies fit in an Esprit? 🙃 Speaking of Australians, the Senna fanboy in me ssearched for a suitable pair of driving loafers and found these - Not sure if you can get them in the UK. There seems to be many other brands that have similar styles. I just make sure the sole is narrow and covers the heel for off throttle comfort. Mine compliment the Puma Speedcats I use most of the time. At the moment the Aussie sun seems to be MIA so haven't worn the loafers much as the intent was to wear them with shorts. Oh well, full Senna mode it is for now...
  18. LOL. Speaking of fuel, it is remarkable how little fuel is used by the Evora compared to my Renaultsport Megane. So much for fuel efficient low capacity turbos! Bring back big NA engines I say. @Ba55uma Colour is Fire Red.
  19. You currently drive an Audi. What attracts you to the Audi? Its about as polar opposite to the Evora as it gets. I'd say the Cayman GTS sits somewhere in between. Waiting for spares will be an issue with Lotus. If you plan to drive everyday then this may be a problem. Mechanicals of the Lotus will be more reliable than the Porsche. However things like trim will be better in the Porsche. Driving experience - hands down Lotus. Some reviewers critique the modern Porsches as being a bit "numb" unless its a GT3 or GT4. An Evora is comfortable enough to drive in any road/traffic condition. I couldnt say that about an Elise. The attraction of this generation of Lotus is, as you state, the analogue feel, yet in a modern car. Cant really say that about many other cars, including the Alpine A110 that I very much covet. It's just a really well sorted modern car. Should also respond to your query on noise and ride. The Evora makes all the right noises and you will hear them. Having said that, its much quieter than my Elise, but thats to be expected. I had an Audi R8 and it was too quiet. Why have a V8 when you cannot hear it? Ride is going to be far more comfortable in the Evora than the Cayman. Definitely better than the Audi. Thats part of the Lotus magic. Resale right now favours just about any Porsche. I'm not so sure that will be the case in future. After the Emira there will be no more ICE Lotus'. If there is still demand, supply will become scarce. Rumours are Porsche will start making EV Caymans so perhaps the current 718 will retain value. Why not a GT4 if the $ makes sense for you? I was cross shopping the GT4.
  20. Aussie and sophisticated dont belong in the same sentence!
  21. Just bought this. I know its a car park! We are still in lockdown and I was desperate to drive it, so I took her grocery shopping!
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