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    I think its called advertising
  2. I never really thought about this, but it's true. I am fortunate to live 5 minutes away from my dealer. Had I test driven around my traffic congested suburbs I probably would have been underwhelmed. However my first experience of driving the Evora was on a supercar drive day on some of the best country roads outside of the city. The fact I drove it back to back with some other more expensive machines that didn't drive any better absolutely sealed it for me. I've always scratched my head wondering why others don't feel the same. Unless you have a very well trained seat meter, it's because of the nature of the test drive. A 20 minute cautious jaunt in traffic isn't going to seal it for most people. A Porsche in that environment will win every time. Lotus cars need to be tested in their natural element, that is, on track for Elise/Exige, and country B roads for Evora/Emira.
  3. Meanwhile... I pick up my son from school... "aw, what!? Why'd you bring that? Couldn't you just bring the other car?". ๐Ÿ˜ณ I start the engine. Son slouches lower in seat covering his face a little. "does it have to be so loud when it starts!?". ๐Ÿ™„ Yes, son. It does. ๐Ÿ˜ We weren't even near the school gate. Next time I'll have to pick him up right outside the gate and give it a good rev when we leave. ๐Ÿคฃ
  4. Should have asked them to test out the back seat. ๐Ÿ˜œ
  5. The oversimplified view of the Supra is its a BMW Z4 with a roof. Its not just got the engine, it IS a BMW. Built in the same place (Austria), has the same interior, iDrive control, etc. Much like the Toyota 86 (GT86) is a Subaru BRZ. Exact. Same. Car.
  6. Has anyone here driven an M139 engined car in lots of different scenarios? Main question is - how laggy is it? Reading the internets says there is a noticeable perception of lag. Its all over the Merc forums.
  7. Welcome! I had an F80 M3 as a daily. If the Emira drives anything like the Evora (it should be even better), it will be worlds away from the M4.
  8. LOL. Similar thing happened to me (not the bit about the pills!). I was testing out the loud button on a B road that is traditionally full of cyclists in the morning. Being a cyclist myself, I am always cautious on this road. I was going the posted speed limit, in 2nd gear. One of the peloton shouts out "slow down"! Seriously mate, wasnt anywhere near speeding! ๐Ÿ™„ My car sounds glorious though! ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Wow. Great news for those with deposits. Makes sense now given what we know about Evora.
  10. This. ๐Ÿ‘† People still don't know. I'm hoping as Emira brings in fresh eyeballs it has a somewhat "halo effect" on Evora. Lotus must spend on marketing Emira.
  11. I think there's been a more positive reaction to Emira by non Lotus owners than the Elise/Exige crowd. Over at they seem particularly grumpy that it's not a superlight track special. Given the test mule was riding on a modified Evora platform it was always going to be closest to Evora. As a car to relaunch the brand it's brilliant and there is hope it brings a different light to the Lotus brand. For the past 25 years the general public only knew Lotus as a builder of lightweight, hardcore, terrible to daily track cars. Even guys I know with enthusiast cars had no idea what an Evora was. They assumed it was like Elise/Exige. Before my Evora I had an Audi R8. I had a conversation with a very large (both vertical and horizontal axis) R8 owner when I switched. He just would not believe he would fit in a modern Lotus. I told him the Evora had just as much interior space as an R8 and he just refused to believe me. On Emira launch someone asked whether a 6'1" frame would fit. I said easily if it's the same dimensions as Evora internally, so he's keen to see it when it's available in Oz. Lotus needs to really change that kit car perception. Emira changes that. I too welcome soon to be new owners to the brand.
  12. Yan

    Lotus Emira

    It's the cup holders. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  13. try the Aussie site -
  14. There is quite a crossover between owners of both brands I have found, and its the logical collaboration for the new cars going forward. I have 2 Renaultsport cars. I'd love the current Alpine A110.
  15. They went through every reason why I bought an Evora! It's my Goldilocks car - just the right balance between road sensibility and raw edginess.
  16. Yan

    Who said that? ""For the F1 we benchmarked the Honda NSX because that was the best ride and handling compromise I'd ever driven at that point. Up until now, the best handling car I'd ever driven was a Lotus Evora - that's including all the supercars"
  17. The 991 GT3RS I drove was outrageously fun. I tend to think of it as an expensive Exige. Worth the extra coin? Perhaps not. Now a GT3 Touring I've often wondered what its like. Still, much more $ than my Evora though. Regular non "GT" 911 or Cayman? No thanks. I drove my old Audi R8 V8 back to back vs a 997 911 and the R8 was much better. The Evora is a league above both for handling feel and feedback. I'd take an Alpine A110 over a bog stock Cayman, an Evora over the "special" Caymans and regular 911's. To be honest, the GT3 products are great, but I'm not sure I'd spend that extra over a Lotus.
  18. Yan

    TLF GT430 Club

    That was a great read Jimmy, thanks for your initial impressions. I briefly contemplated a GT4, but after chatting senselessly with the dealer for over an hour (I wanted a test drive) he didnt seem to want to sell me product! No offer of a test drive. Considering he knew I was coming from an Audi R8 it was rather strange. I had already driven a GT410 and had gotten to know the friendly local Lotus dealership staff, together with the long calendar of events they organise for owners each year, it was a no brainer. I have since gotten to know a 981 GT4 owner reasonably well. I dont think he is quite enamoured with his car. Me? Absolutely smitten with my GT430 Sport. As you say, the noise, the steering, the handling. There is nothing like it for the money.
  19. If that gets the publicity by making the type of statement the world wants, I think fair enough. I do hope it will have the halo effect on the Emira and subsequent cars.
  20. Exactly โ˜ I already have a fast car, don't really need another. By special occasions I mean exactly what you said. Driving with mates to cars and coffee after a brisk trip on a country road. Fair call on the M100. Sounds like a great car, though I do have a soft spot for the NA/NB MX5. Have you ever compared your M100 vs MX5? I'd like to pootle about for my own entertainment. Some situations the Evora is just too fast. I am leaning towards an Elan. Going sideways at slower speeds around a track sounds like the fun I'm after. I've been told the +2 130 is a better drive than the 2 seater. My nostalgia extends to the Esprit as the Elan finished production before I was born. I'd love both, but getting one is irresponsible enough!
  21. Elan relative to the Evora GT430. The Evora has almost double the power to weight ratio. But yeah, the Elan doesn't exactly hang around on twisty roads.
  22. Actually, the 60s/70s original. TBH, I'd rather an MX5 than the M100. It'll be a very occasional car. I have an RS Clio III as a daily and a GT430 Sport Evora for go fast moods. The third car will just be for special occasions. I'm prepared for it to be off the road occasionally, but don't want it to be a pain in the butt. I do love the Esprit looks, however I'm more into the drive rather than presence. I just sold an Audi R8. People can't stop gawking at that thing.
  23. For those that have both - can you please share your ownership experiences and likes/dislikes of each? I know they are completely different cars. I have been thinking of getting an Esprit, as that was one of the poster cars of my childhood, however, I've been thinking - do I really need another fast car? One that is older and wont be as accomplished as my Evora? So then I was thinking, why not go for a slow, fun car? I previously had 2 MX5's, so was thinking of getting back into one, but then I thought, why not the original, an Elan? Or am I just up for constant maintenance issues given the age of the Elan (enjoyment derived from fixing cars is not my thing) when I'd rather be out driving (same question for the Esprit too)? Both the G and S Esprit's I find achingly beautiful, and it would be one of those fulfill your childhood dream moments, however, I fear the drive my not live up to expectations considering I'm spoilt by the Evora. The Elan is also gorgeous and I have a sneaking suspicion it would be more fun to drive at road legal speed limits. Or am I just bonkers for even contemplating these, and just get a modern-ish car like the MX5? Or just save my cash and drive flat chat in the Evora!? I'm opening this up as a discussion and just thinking aloud. No need to offer sage advice of "only you can decide whats best for you" or similar.
  24. Does anyone else think the SF90 looks like an Evora?
  25. Yan

    TLF GT430 Club

    I based my number off posts in this very thread on 28 March by @Xynagy and @Birtyboy. Also not downplaying the aero added to the GT430, however those can easily be retrofitted, perhaps most difficult would be the vents above the front wheel arches. Do agree the downforce makes significant differences in high speed corners. Mine has the wider rear wheels already. Either way, they're rare and IMHO, very special cars indeed.
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