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  1. Looking forward to hearing more. As well as the idle sound how does it sound giving it some beans through the rev range? I am loving the debate and experiences you have all had and your current point of view. Here is my car for reference with the thinner US spec wheels and stick exhaust. *stock Thanks for the video, and the twin straight resonator and a 3 inch exhaust is a cat delete, twin exhaust with a resonator box? Thanks for clarifying. I am new to these configurations.
  2. Thanks for the video! Certainly food for thought. The car is certainly a stunning super car to look at and drive but lacks real emotion at idle speeds. Raspy does sound more purposeful!
  3. Has anyone made any videos of the installed engine sound too? I read a lot of talk about the potential performance gains for the Turbo's too. Just wondering if the exhaust note is improved over the stock sound. I would be interested in a full system for a S4S Stevens car, with the De Cat pipe, but with the resonator box and 3" pipe. Can someone quote me a price for this set up? Could someone link a video of a similar set up for sound please? many thanks. Scott
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