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  1. Just picking up on this old thread. Does anybody know the easiest way to test the aerial. Mine is stuck down so not sure if it is the aerial, relay or fuse. Where's the easiest way to put power to it to test? P.s also a 83 Esprit Turbo
  2. I presume the advert was never ended and just keeps getting refreshed. It seems like it's a very old advert. I just managed to attach some photos. As you will see safe and sound in my garage....
  3. Hi Yes I can confirm it's not going anywhere. I'm very happy with it. I purchased it without even seeing it and on a bit of a whim. I have never owned one before but always fancied one and just loved it in the green and black. It looks just as good in the flesh as in the photos and drives fantastic. I can see why people have been a bit suspicious of the way it seems to have been on sale for a long time and then put in an auction, but the guy who owned it was just a trader and classic car collecter. I went to his house and he had just about one of everything that were all for sale for the
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