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  1. The Press release has more interesting information’s-first-electric-hyper-suv.html
  2. From Lotus's website 600 KM RANGE 260 KM/H TOP SPEED 2.95 SECS 0-100KM/H
  3. Yeah I'm across the pond and ordered them through GregRaceParts. Mine are the single adjustable "track edition" vs the 400/500lbs "road edition". I've found the -10 stock all around to be quite nice but figured it was a good time to start twisting the knobs and dialing it in some more. Luckily I always bring a jack to the track.
  4. I need to measure my height, but I run it lower than the stock height. I've run a few track weekends at -10 front & back but going to start testing running it stiffer and seeing how that feels. Though you are running different spring rates than I am as well.
  5. Got my HethelSport GTE bumper painted and fitted up
  6. What is your ride height set at with the nitrons? Are you sticking with the default -10 (middle) damping setting?
  7. The process I use involves 2 jacks. 1 jack under the rear jacking point then getting that up - Put a stand under the front jacking point - Then take the second jack and a piece of wood under the tire and jack that up off the first jack - Remove first jack and replace with a jack stand - Lower car onto jack stands - repeat on other side
  8. Its the fiberglass GT4 wing from HethelSport and I just love how it looks.
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