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  1. I had a Sony one before and didn’t like it to be honest. a friends pioneer was nicer. any recommendations, one which doesn’t have issues with too much glare from the angle it sits ? probably try and find a used unit if I can, then is it a plug and play?
  2. Any photos? how much did they charge to paint them yellow?
  3. Is your friends with a decat too? i might know of a lotus sports and decat used for sale hence asking and trying to decide
  4. Thanks agree sound is subjective just seeing if people have changed/ upgraded from lotus sports plus decat to 2bular or not worth it?
  5. I know they aren’t made any more Do you know why they aren’t made, I guess limited numbers and not economical for them? are open cone too loud? Does this over power an exhaust note?
  6. What’s the build quality of the lotus sports exhaust vs 2bular? in your opinion which sounds louder, nicer : lotus sports exhaust blue tips with decat pipe or 2bular non valved?
  7. But the stock exhaust or my custom one is so muted lol
  8. Have you heard the 2bular non valved vs lotus sports exhaust with decat?
  9. Am I right in thinking on the S1 the NA came in black and the S came in red? I've got a grey launch edition, over time I’m tempted to change the black callipers to either red (good standard colour IMO) or yellow for a bit of Lotus theme. Would like to see what you have on yours.
  10. I see you’re still an active member did you ever change the sports exhaust, add a decat or go 2bular? im on the look out for either 2bular non valved which from reading threads it sounds good and good volume; even better than the lotus oem sports exhaust and decat. Is one better on quality? Did you ever add the decat pipe to the lotus sports exhaust?
  11. Do you have any photos / videos? Is that the NA sports exhaust? ive had open cone filter before and found them too loud for my liking
  12. Quoting an old post, but if people had a choice would it be oem lotus sports exhaust and decat 3rd pipe or a non valved 2bular; for liveable noise and excitement ? True, hopefully someone will demod to sell their car 😅
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