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  1. Having sold mine and slightly regret it, but wasn’t being used. looking at this, mileage wouldn’t put me off and actually think it’s the entry price into Evora, and it’s great to know it’s been used and parts updated. great buy for someone who’s looking to get into Evora ownership I think.
  2. Agree orange, black and titanium sold all in the region of £25-30k just need that one person who’s looking for a lovely grey one
  3. Well done. Personally I think a bargain compared to lead time and cost of Emira, and other marques of Porsche etc. also these others will have a higher depreciation without standing it’s also a +2 surprised my launch edition is still available as so keenly priced and spec’d; as all other modern items are far too digital and less analogue feel.
  4. Celica

    Evora S1 NA

    Lovely example too
  5. Celica

    Evora S1 NA

    Thanks for the viewing. offer is still valid. I can’t see there being a better one on the market for some time 😉
  6. Shame timing wasn’t right for you if things change you have my details
  7. Couple of lovely photos my friend took great that owner and speculative buyer chatting
  8. Price reduction Sensible offers and this weekend is free for viewings
  9. My friend spotted this in August on his family holiday down in Cornwall, as he sent me a couple of photos i thought all cars of that age are Superchargers, so I learnt and surprised it being NA
  10. Ha ha. Look closer on the £25.2k, another scam listing! They have a Golf R 2014 plate for £6k lol
  11. There was a nice looking grey with paprika interior 2+0, albeit a Cat D last year and was sold c.£24k having spoken to the owner who sold it i would imagine there are some pricey parts to pick up for this one. Although a project for someone from memory there was a damaged red one for similar money not long ago, which was similar money. Assume it sold
  12. Thanks. Yes the grey one is mine. I’ve had several viewings; feedback has been positive to say it’s a lovely example but they are on the fence to pull the trigger. Mainly they are saying things aren’t moving, but it’s nice to see the burnt orange one at the entry price sold, black with gold decal gone, which is similar and a couple of S also sold. Just waiting for that one person who’s looking for a Carbon Grey 😎
  13. Congratulations, fine example. Guess you wanted a brighter colour as I know of a lovely carbon grey for sale which would have been closer lol
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