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  1. Bristol, Queen Square Breakfast meet spotted one Evora (made me think and defiantly still want one), exiges, esprit the exiges looked awesome!
  2. What year make and model share the same 3.5 v6 engine?
  3. Car looks good, but what are GRP V3s though?
  4. Something JDM skyline are north bound
  5. Would close ratio gearbox in an LE be likely from factory or retro fit would you think out of interest?
  6. I remember the same place selling this not that long ago without the stickers; I’m surprised they’ve spent money to put on niche stickers alike
  7. Made some interest here off the back of my article find i think it would be more interesting to see a refreshed article of two the same cars and a decade gone by as a used car and not when they were new
  8. Any photos of them side by side
  9. Tidying up and found an old Top Gear Magazine article
  10. Any more photos please, is it a straight swap?
  11. What bonnet vents are on this?
  12. Thanks both I do remember skim reading the first link before but will sit down tomorrow for a good read, kids have worn me out lol
  13. Apart from the packs what are the improvements made?
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