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  1. I thought I was going mad and then I knew people must have it saved down or maybe different on non mobile glad to be helpful for a change
  2. On my phone I usually go and open top left with the 3 bars for menu , I usually find Forum and access it through this way, but it’s not there? only found link to it through email follow topic alert could be just the user aka me, but I can’t see where else to access for the forums from main page
  3. There is a page on Facebook which shows non Cat cars but have been involved in accidents. The extent of the damage is quite scary yet they end up on main dealer forecourt too! same can be said about buying from a dealer or not. I totally agree, cars tucked away for long periods of time can be troublesome. Probably more so for those which are newer with tech and doesn’t like the battery and backup drained. one reason what appealed with the evora I have is I know it can be used as a daily as the previous owner did for some period, although unfortunately I haven’t been able to which I intended to, I ensure it gets a regular run, ctek charger inbetween and topped up with super unleaded when it does go out
  4. The other red one granted lower mileage sold recently on eBay, so still moves i think this is a great entry point for someone wanting a +2 I agree mileage might make it price sensitive, but this is entry level pricing, so not much choice. Im also an enthusiast to Japanese Domestic Motors and with limited numbers, it’s down to condition, as enthusiast aren’t as concerned with 100k+ if wanting to get into ownership; which I think similar to Lotus to some degree.
  5. Looks brilliant. Good luck with the sale unfortunately mine will be listed soon over the summer
  6. That one is a +0 and appears to be non tech, non premium and can’t see whether has a sports button or not either too, so a lower spec. Although fab if looking for such finish
  7. Advert gone. Was this sold? Reviewing prices as I look to list mine which is slightly lower mileage and with premium back too
  8. Congrats i like the lower sports racer look
  9. Probably cost you £10k for the bmw sports delete pack lol
  10. Another cracking example there was someone looking for a black one on the wanted section
  11. Superb looking I have mine booked in for a service ready for a new owner soon
  12. Who purchased the Sytner one in the end? Anyone on here?
  13. Queen Square at Rybrook?
  14. Painted, as in repairs or a completely new cover? I’ve only seen Wheelers Dealers show do something like that but looked okay lol
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