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  1. Mate has a Maserati granturismo stunning cars I’m not that clued up on them but with a Ferrari produced engine sounds epic
  2. I’m still looking for a Launch Edition or equivalent with +2 and the multiple packs. As with lockdown I’m in no rush so keeping eyes out. Part of me misses the brilliant K20 engine found in Honda Type R’s and going for one of sort and saving a bit of money. Although the JDM FD2 are hard to come by too. High revving, NA, Manual, space for kids. interested to hear what else you were considering at the time.
  3. Lol, put my name down as I can’t find a Launch Edition I like lol
  4. I saw this up for sale last year too i can only assume the owner isn’t on here would love to read the magazine article about it
  5. I’ve yet to see an Alpine A110 but value wise looks great in comparison at New; then again I’ve hardly been out anywhere last 12 months lol Cayman GTS and GT4 are spot on at the moment; tough gig out there in the market
  6. Sorry can’t help any pictures of yours and thought about re-trim?
  7. What have the recalls been for? Any good dealers near by to carry it
  8. Nice. there’s a list here of some LE here somewhere by reg what colour is it?
  9. Also wandering how did you manage a test drive during lockdown? keeping an eye on the market and logistics is a problem I find on most things
  10. Is it a +2 or just a 2 seater? also where did you see it advertised? thanks
  11. I’m hoping an enthusiast LE owner will look to sell in the near future as they look to upgrade to a 400/410/GT etc. 😗 Been keeping an eye out for some time but with lockdown and covid it’s not priority whilst sat at home working and homeschooling 😅 I’ve noticed half a dozen early NA sell over the last 6 months.
  12. I bought my wife car unseen but was through a dealer as used approved at least there’s more come back with issues I’ve gone to buy private many miles away blind, one way train ticket but only paying after having a look over. Learnt my lesson on one and is to learn to walk away; as was one a real lemon, but felt pressured to buy with no car and no train ticket and miles away from home lol
  13. I’ve heard of Bib’s or seen the name whilst browsing here Another reason I enjoy forums with enthusiasts
  14. When you say buying without seeing on private, is that paying full payment and then going to collect?
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