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  1. Has it got all three packs as didn’t premium add an armrest? why are the sport button and traction control button indented position? If I was looking, personally gut feel it doesn’t sit right with me on the above and finishing choices of rear lotus badge, the front “stone/ mud” guard bent the wrong way, the wheels looks a dull finish, the interior maybe prepped with too much cheap finishing products to make it look shiny. personally wouldn’t be one for me, but being the cheapest out there it does offer entry level ownership to fettle with and spruce up.
  2. Looks good at all angles 😀
  3. Took the Evora LE out for an event. Enjoyed the drive in the blue sky and holding its own in looks against some very expensive motors
  4. Congrats great car. Where did the new owner see it advertised, here or Facebook? As you’re aware I might consider selling mine for personal reasons too.
  5. That is a dream son and dad combo
  6. Michelin Pilot Sport and trying new tyre dressing; Gyeon . Making sure it looks good and makes the tyres last longer lol
  7. It does. I believe 1st and 2nd are the same on CR ? Would like to try one with, but I don’t know any difference
  8. Courtesy of a great member, upgrade time. I do like oem+
  9. Mates E92 and FD2 Having had a DC5 Integra as my first Type R before, I have a real appreciation for them. For those who haven’t tried any type r, it’s highly recommended
  10. I like it as it has the illusion of showing off the waist line more Who doesn’t like a snow foam, although I’m usually happy with a hand pressure pump with Bilt Hamber which doesn’t foam much, but is a good pre wash stage for ease
  11. Previous owner had the JPS decal on the side. I quite liked it but thought it was too big on its own so I’ve just kept it with the lettering and peeled off the decal around the lettering . Still undecided whether to take it off. Before pic I can’t see this on mobile?
  12. I’ll like to wrap the sills Mine has the launch edition plaque 😀
  13. Can’t take credit for this photo as was from previous owner, but waiting for some better dry spell
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