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  1. Thanks knew that it just stopped working. then it worked again when I tested after a drive and now no luck. going to get the CDL module replaced
  2. Bump to an old thread anyone else done a cost effective fix? i quite like the idea of leather bonded to a shaped metal piece and some how fix over it. Surprised no one hasn’t made this yet to sell
  3. How would these fair against OEM? A whole lot cheaper option
  4. My S1 spare key fob isn’t locking? is it potentially dead battery but it does unlock. also my passenger door won’t unlock with either key fobs but is fine with the physical key or pulling up on the pin. by chance the other day the passenger door did unlock with the main key fob but has stopped again.
  5. Having just picked up an NA 170 miles from Colchester to Bristol with M25 bumper to bumper I managed 37mpg, it was helped with M4 average of 60mph. still had almost 3/4 tanks left How big are the tanks?
  6. Anyone fitted A132M0118F Locking module to a S1? Quoted about £27+vat my passenger door won’t unlock with the key fob or Central locking button inside and was suggested this might fix it? it locks with the key fob. it unlocks with the key. I’ve tried silicon spray down the pin and pulled on it a few times with no luck. how easy is it as DIY (for someone not so great at DIY)?
  7. I was thinking what would it look like with a small yellow and green leather glued over and have the steering wheel retrimmed with a yellow and green top at 12 o’clock to match
  8. All adds up, but surely it makes financial sense to get the air bag done the same time if the dash is coming out and you’ll want the air bag to match? hence my thought, stay with the same and add a piece of similar matching leather over to cover. Although I’ll like to hear of others experiences
  9. What’s your airbag like? if going alcantara , I think I’ll like the other parts like door cards etc to match
  10. Photo taken off internet for reference has anyone done a decent and cheap fix on the centre stretched, unthreaded middle section? I’ll rather an upholsterer place do this for me, whether it’s a patch glued over to cover but match in similar finish
  11. This was a car I tested the car has been in use and battery fine, not sure a window reset will do the final mm adjustment
  12. Tested an evora Both windows operate fine Passenger side was fine Driver side had a slight gap, so bit of a whistle wind noise; would it be that it needs a slight alignment or the rubber around it looked at? Apparently it doesn’t leak thanks
  13. What have people done to refresh these ageing and weak parts? some Evora I’ve seen are dented, bad shape, rusty finish. I believe it’s a front clam shell off? How do you clean the black plastic exposed underneath it? ie what happens if there’s bird poo, assume jet wash will dent the mesh, so any good poking device lol
  14. Did you manage to do it without dripping on the the paintwork?
  15. Anyone done any diy lacquer peel fixes recently Thinking what can be done on this edge
  16. Has anyone had their roof painted? If so process and cost ?
  17. As fibreglass can’t be baked when re-done with paint; is this a more costly process to make fixes?
  18. I would aim to get one which has apple CarPlay or Android equivalent I had one on my previous car and using google maps and waze is a nice touch
  19. Has anyone had any paint bubble on bonnet or other body parts? what material is the outer skin of the bonnet? ive been told it’s not soft to flake when pushed. How would this have happened, poor factory finish and over time in the elements or a stone chip lifting up paint? what’s the likely requirement to fix, is smart repair possible?
  20. Bristol, Queen Square Breakfast meet spotted one Evora (made me think and defiantly still want one), exiges, esprit the exiges looked awesome!
  21. What year make and model share the same 3.5 v6 engine?
  22. Car looks good, but what are GRP V3s though?
  23. Something JDM skyline are north bound
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