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  1. I’m not a fan of wrap either. my wife’s mini has a wrapped roof, and wet leaves stuck on it marks it. You can’t polish it either. Hence why I paid more to prep the roof and have it gloss black painted on the Evora. my friend years ago bought a m3 with a carbon wrap roof, it left weave marks underneath on the paint! a high quality wrap for short term, just to change colour for an event or something I can understand (if money wasn’t a deciding factor to consider), but otherwise having a nice detailed paintwork with the old fashion polish and wax is my preference
  2. What’s the metal round thing which looks like a metal pop pin in the middle of the black one on eBay rear hatch?
  3. I didn’t spot mine is listed as a Europa on DVLA, but tax, insurance is correct
  4. Perfect car is it not? Black and £k’s to spare, for dash, wheels refurb, exhaust, pro detail, speakers upgrades with some left over for refresh of bushes etc.
  5. Thanks. Being the current owner, I’ve managed to speak to a long term member and previous owner to find a bit more information and history, ie clutch at 49k and a used car pdf information of it.
  6. Think it was noted as part history. Do you know what the definition of part service history was on that one?
  7. Unfortunately due to change in personal circumstances I too have been considering selling. Pricing I would say you’re about right. There are very little 2+2 NA about. Based on your friend +0 I’ve seen Cat D sell for not far off £30k region too. Mine is similar mileage, although some might think it’s high though. I’ll be looking/ waiting for a bit more for mine, knowing it’s nice a spec and condition; and have seen some sell for more. Just don’t want to regret it as these are becoming rarer. fingers crossed you won’t need to sell
  8. Hi. We’ve already exchanged messages 😅
  9. Does it quote list options prices? wanting to know how much forge wheels and sports exhaust were?
  10. Brilliant. It’s local but didn’t have time unfortunately.
  11. Was that a queens square meet?
  12. What you having done and cost?
  13. Did yours not come with one or broken?
  14. LE are pretty rare then, either 87 or 88 in the UK. I wander how many are tax’d on the road, sorn and no longer with us?
  15. Really like the wheel choice and colours on that above. rare opportunity to take mine out yesterday and boy it’s an occasion just to sit in it lol
  16. Does look great. although my launch edition at 58k was too high mileage and I was pricing mine similar. Having had a chance to drive it Sunday after over a month, contemplating keeping longer (as I’ve not really advertised mine)
  17. I have a copy of the letter dated 2021 or could be 2020 and it states 87 LE for UK
  18. This was listed on lotus for sale section but not on there or autotrader, assume sold?
  19. I see. Although one of the lower range in cost more recently, will make it hard to sell if no packs IMO. makes the white one currently good value being a 2+2.
  20. That’s the one. From memory it was a 2+0 at £26-28k, as it was similar price to the red autotrader one with gold wheels.
  21. Not sure if it was Heywood but it was on AT for a long time , on and off. somone has recently purchased it, think from memory it was sold with a deposit but buyer didn’t come back or something (or I could be talking out my backside lol) maybe the owner of that is on here
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