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  1. That sounds gret, thank you.... i will look into joining. i am a long term Porsche customer and one of the lovely things about the brand was the clubs and meets etc... i was considering another premium brand before buying the exige, Lamborghini...but they didn’t really have any clubs or enthusiasts meets,....hence i went for a brand with following and hopefully no pretentious ar*eholes...
  2. Riveria blue (Porsche colour) I was told by dealer. im in Leicestershire
  3. Hi everyone. I have just today secured my first ever lotus exige 410. I am so excited and cant wait to take delivery. i have the factory exhaust and understand it is too loud for uk track days. i have looked at alternatives and it appears 2bular and komotec make new exhausts to suit. questions; 1, are they any good, quality, fit, finish etc.. 2, easy to take on and off when needed? 3, which do you all recommend or prefer. ?
  4. Hello everyone. I have just today paid a deposit on and secured my first ever lotus. 2018 exige 410 sport. Picture of it in the showroom attached. i cant wait to get it. I will be planning on tracking the car and understand the factory exhaust is too loud. Any advice on how to overcome this problem?
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