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  1. Jussi


  2. Thanks John Will do. Although fan relay rattle sound came back, we thought the problem was with the otter switch, which we changed...but it wasn't On USA-model there are 3 fans and I got readings 1,4ohm, 1,0ohm and 1,0ohm. We have fixed those two fans. It may be time to fix that last one also. Strange thing is, when I disconnect that 1,4ohm fan....rattle of relay continues. Relay is new one, any good tips for checking wire, where are those "bad connections"? Fan relay rattle is occasional, usually it happens with hot engine.
  3. Got euro version Turbo Esprit distributor from SJ (great service as always ). Took all inner parts to my old distributor and car is running now
  4. What kind of job is it to install Pertronix? Need any other parts? At the moment, all we need is a new "timing rotor" and a new "pick up unit". If I put the Pertronix, can I forgot those? Any direct link for suitable Pertonix system for my distributor
  5. Thanks John, but isn't the distributor on USA-models different than euromodels? USA/Federal distributor has the correct vacuum advance/retard capsule. Euromodel will fit but then we have to play with the timing.
  6. My Esprit is sitting in Jussi2's garden ....and it's raining. Just need new distributor...then I promise to smile
  7. Jussi


    SSDs are definitely worth of upgrade you really notice the difference. I have updated all my home computers and difference was big. Biggest different was boot times and photo processing times. And with laptops it's so silent and cool
  8. It's been some problems here in north on last days Last summer I just drove my car...but this.... My summer holiday started on last friday and of course I celebrated it with driving my Lotus....driving, eh couple of blocks Last friday: Idle has been quite poor on some time but this time it didn't even took revs and engine shutted down couple of times, then it didn't started anymore. Took the car on garage and when it started the running was very poor. Checked that it got fuel and sparks. Changed new spark plugs and ignition ampfilier (it's from chevy small block)...didn't helped.
  9. Need new distributor :(

  10. Jussi

    London Riots

    Hope you will have a decent night in London....sleep well.
  11. Drive safely Jukka Others have to spend they time at work
  12. Just let me know when you get the Evora and I will order time for my bank manager
  13. No, but Jukka and Sissi bought their second Lotus
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